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Ep 139: Creating Wambas aka the Best Sports Bra Ever

Creating Wambas aka the Best Sports Bra Ever with Founder Jessica DorseyWhen Jessica Dorsey started running marathons she found herself dealing with a new problem. Like many marathoners, she was experiencing chaffing and cuts while trying to store all the added supplies she now needed. After trying many other products that didn’t work, she decided […]

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Ep 135: Houston Turkey Trot

houston tx turkey trot

BakerRipley’s Houston Turkey TroyHave you signed up for a Thanksgiving Day road race yet? If not, today’s show should inspire you to run before your Thanksgiving feast no matter where you live, but definitely if you’ll be in Houston, TX. The BakerRipley Houston Turkey Trot has been put on for 26 yrs and has something for everyone […]

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