Alt Summit Specials

Catherine Basu

Hi Alt Summit Sisters-

I'm Catherine, Founder of Fit Armadillo. I'm so excited to meet you during what will be my 2nd Alt Summit :) 

I'm passionate about helping people use the many benefits of moving more to live their best lives and become more successful in their businesses. That's why I started my fitness company, Fit Armadillo, published my (now bestselling!!!) book, Superwomen Secrets Revealed, and launched my podcast, The Fit Fifteen.

On this page you'll find events I'm hosting or participating in at Alt Summit and some special offers for Fit Armadillo services and my book. 


~Catherine | Founder of Fit Armadillo

Happening @ Alt:

Fun Run/Walk &
Fundraiser for Girls on the Run

Get a creativity and energy boost while giving back and earning bling this Alt Summit. Run or walk (go at your own pace) the fun run route (review it HERE) any time during the summit. Then? Collect your sparkly bling. 

fun run finisher medal magnet

Race medal is FREE as long as you donate at least $15 to our favorite nonprofit, Girls on the Run. Sign up on the honor system, but be sure to save and submit your proof of donation to Catherine ( so you can earn your medal. Happy running!

Note: Route can be previewed HERE. You'll be able to complete it at any time, but a group will run together on Thursday, March 5th at 7 AM. 

Online Small Group Fitness Class

Staying off site and won't be able to make it to yoga at Alt? Get a taste of Fit Armadillo by enjoying a LIVE online fitness class from the comfort of your hotel or AirBnB.  

online fitness classes

Sort of how classes look...excuse my less than stellar GIF skills!

CLASS is FULL - Join a future class for free FREE with code SELFIE after Alt (Just promise to take a selfied (or another great pic) before or after class that you'll share on social media (don't forget to tag us @FitArmadillo on Instagram).

Note: Class is limited to 11 rooms.  You can have more than one person from your location who will join class, but please note this when you sign up and have each person sign up so they can share any notes with our instructor, Kayla!  

superwomen secrets revealed bestselling book

Purchase a signed personalized copy of my bestselling book Superwomen Secrets Revealed to be delivered at Alt.

Finding and keeping your fitness motivation as an entrepreneur can be difficult. Get inspired by the successful women in this book who share how and why they fit in fitness and dare you to join them!

*LIMITED* number available

“Exercise is a gateway drug: when we do it consistently, it helps the brain to see that change is possible, and suddenly people are making constellations of positive changes in their life. This book shows how physical well-being is not only possible with a busy life and work schedule, but a necessity.” --Shawn Achor, happiness researcher and NYTimes bestselling author of Before Happiness

Enjoy During or After Alt:

Enjoy 10% off private online fitness sessions (online personal training or yoga sessions) with code ALT.  

Join the spring session of the Drop 2 Sizes Fitness Challenge and enjoy a bonus private online fitness session you can use before or after the challenge. 

Want more to have more fun with your friends at Fit Armadillo?

Head HERE to get on my A-List or email me: for a free consultation (get help with your goals or bringing our offerings to your next retreat or online group program). 

online fitness class

So easy, an armadillo can work out this way! Me getting ready for a foam rolling class from my home office.