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We offer two session types based on how far in advance you book:

Book an ON DEMAND session, if you want to
enjoy a private workout 30 mins-47 hrs from now

Book a REGULAR session, if you want to
enjoy a private workout 48 hrs+ from now

Head HERE to book by trainer name.

Have some questions before you get started?

Book a consultation first! Owner and ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Catherine Turley, will chat with you about your goals (perfect if you'd like a trainer recommendation) and any of your concerns (we can even test your internet speed).

More about session types:

About On Demand Sessions:

  • Booked between 30 mins-47 hrs before your desired workout start time
  • Cost $10 more/30 mins
  • Your fitness professional will log notes in our system so another fitness professional can help you pick up from where you left off, if needed
  • Perfect for SUPER busy supermen and women (avoid cancellation fees by ONLY booking when you know you'll be able to work out!).

About Regular Sessions:

  • Booked for workouts scheduled 48 hrs (2 days) or more in advance
  • Cost $10 less/30 mins (think of it as your reward for putting fitness first)
  • No notes are logged in the system so this option is best if you want to work with the same trainer each time

Yes, you can train with a buddy! Learn more:

Asking, "Wait! How does this work?" Check out the video