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Buddy Sessions

Want some extra fitness motivation? Train with a buddy!

After you book your session (head HERE to do so), complete these 3 steps so your buddy can join you for your workout!

1.  Pay for your buddy:

In the "Notes to Business" section note your name and your buddy's name. Cost is PER buddy and it's highly recommend that you book a full hour when training with a buddy.

2.  Download Buddy Session Form: 

Be sure to submit this 48 hrs before your session so your trainer can use the entire time working you out instead of asking you for paperwork ;)

3.  Submit Buddy Form:

Head here to email completed forms for your buddy. Please attach the completed form noted in step 2. When composing your email use:

SUBJECT: Buddy Name/Your Name/Session Date


Training with a buddy is a great way to make your fitness sessions more fun + have added accountability after your sessions. 

Tips for buddy sessions:

1. When booking, please note you have a buddy joining you in the "Anything your trainer should know" box AND remember to click the "YES" button on the line that asks if this is a buddy session.

2. The best buddies are those with a similar fitness level (not required-if you make a note of your levels when booking, your trainer should be able to accommodate you) and a speedy internet connection. If you're not sure if you and your buddy have fast enough internet to train together, please schedule a consultation at a time you can both join. 

3. While you CAN train with a buddy during a 30 -minute session, it's HIGHLY recommended that you select a 60 minute session for buddy sessions. 

4. Book at least 48 hrs in advance the first time you train with your buddy or you both train with a new trainer to allow your trainer to prepare for the session. 

Need to book your session?

Didn't book your session yet? Click on the session type below to save your spot (please choose REGULAR if this is the first time you and your buddy are training together!):

Choose ON DEMAND, if you want to enjoy a private workout 30 mins-47 hrs from now

About this session type:

  • Costs $10 more/30 mins
  • Your fitness professional will log notes in our system so another fitness professional can help you pick up from where you left off, if needed
  • Perfect for SUPER busy supermen and women (avoid cancellation fees by ONLY booking when you know you'll be able to work out!).

Choose REGULAR, if you want to enjoy a private workout 48 hrs+ from now

About this session type:

  • Costs $10 less/30 mins (think of it as your reward for putting fitness first)
  • No notes are logged in the system so this option is best if you want to work with the same trainer each time

Happy training!