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The Fun 15 
Fitness Challenge

Thank you for signing up for The Fun 15 Fitness Challenge!

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Fitness Challenge

What's next?

1.  Check out Shawn Achor's TED Talk HERE to learn more about the Happiness Advantage.

2. Click on the pic of the Monthly Workout Tracker below so you can start tracking your progress now (28 days are better than 21!).

Print it out and start checking off the days that you get in your fun 15 :) 

3.  Share the challenge with your friends! 

Check out the #Fun15Challenge to increase your #happiness + #success in just 15 mins/day!

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I can't wait to start the #Fun15Challenge with you on

Monday, August 17 th!

Catherine Basu

Your friendly personal trainer,

Catherine Basu​

This challenge was inspired by the amazing Shawn Achor, who I had the honor of hearing speak:

Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor retelling the story of Amy the unicorn at eWomenNetwork Conference.

His TED Talk is amaZING! 

Go watch it HERE to get inspired.