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December 13th

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 December 14th


December 15th

Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Picture 2018 as your best year yet. What does it look like? How do you FEEL?

If you're anything like me, you're dreaming about...

1. A sunny beach vacation

But one where you fear NO camera angle! You're feeling fabulous from the inside out and your confidence shows from your smile down to your perfectly pedicured toes.  Maybe you even splurge for a photoshoot on the beach!

2. Feeling comfortable in your own skin

On your beach vacation in your new, flattering bathing suit AND everywhere else you go. This is the year you've shed anything that doesn't serve you from a less than positive mindset to those last few pounds that were bringing you down. You are unapologetically you and the best version of yourself and you feel comfortable in your own skin!

3. Ditching diets and deprivation and trading them in to treat your body right


You are loving yourself NOT because you deprived yourself for 30 days trying the latest detox, but because you took the time to create a new, healthy lifestyle that includes REAL foods and any that you want to eat. Your new motto is to fuel yourself to feel fabulous and sometimes that means eating several of grandma's famous cookies, which is totally fine!

Your body has thanked you for moving it more and treating it to some fun, effective home based routines by becoming two sizes smaller AND healthy. You are buff in the best way and feeling strong from the inside out. 

4. Enjoying more time and energy

Instead of feeling too tired to enjoy life and like you're running in circles, you've learned how to have more energy and time thanks in part to the home workout routines you've mastered. These routines energize you in less than an hour and don't require you to waste time in traffic or waiting on THAT guy who's been texting someone while taking up your machine for 15 mins.

Ready for THIS kind of best year yet?

It would be an honor to be your guide! 

Join me for a FREE live workshop as early as TOMORROW to learn how you can have your best, healthiest, year yet.

NO diets, NO gym membership, NO nonsense

On the workshop you'll learn why diets are the enemy, what to do instead and how you can drop two dress sizes in as little as 8 weeks by following the same strategy I've used to help hundreds of clients.  Join the paid program that starts Monday, January 8th 2018 where I guarantee your results OR stay to learn my secrets and get the same results on your own. I'll happily answer all your questions and even send you the 10 week calendar I used for the fall version of the program if you join us live and stay until the end ;)

LIVE Workshop Dates:

December 13th

Registration = FULL - check out one of the additional times


 December 14th


December 15th

Need help converting the time to your timezone? Use THIS tool. I'll be broadcasting from Los Angeles, CA (PST ;) ).

About Your Workshop Hostess:

Catherine Basu

A note from Catherine Basu

Hello! I'm your hostess for this workshop and - I hope - the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge, my upcoming group fitness program.  The fun starts Monday, January 8th and I'd love to have you join us. But if you can't? Join me for the workshop.  I'll still share all my best tips so you can learn how to head into 2018 two dress sizes smaller, healthier, and happier! If you attend the workshop live, I'll give you a copy of the 10 week program calendar so you can follow along on your own even if you're unable to join my small group this fall.  

Decide to sign up for the group program?
Save your spot after attending the workshop LIVE and I'll give you another special gift worth $59+ that will help you jumpstart your routine!

More about the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge:
Learn more about the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge or save your spot HERE. This program was created by me -I'm an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of Fit Armadillo.  Space is limited to 10 participants.

Don't worry - if the program fills up before the workshop, I'll still hold it. I really want to help you on your fitness journey, I just can't give more than 10 people the special attention I do during the challenge!

New to Fit Armadillo?

Fit Armadillo is the fitness company that helps you enjoy fitness at your place and your pace through private fitness sessions provided over live 2-way video chat. It's you + your certified fitness professional meeting in real time over an internet connection. You can see your trainer and they can see you so you get real time feedback and a personalized, customized workout every time! Check out the video on our homepage to learn more.  We're kind of like Uber + Skype for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle without a gym membership. 

Have another question?

Reach out! I'll try to answer as many questions on the live workshop, however, you can also reach me via email: with additional questions.