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Your 1st Private Fitness Session

We're so excited you found Fit Armadillo and can't wait to help you enjoy
fitness at your place and your pac
e through 1-on-1 online fitness sessions!

We offer two session types:

1. Regular sessions are booked with 48 hrs or more advance notice and offered for $10 less per session.
2. ON DEMAND sessions cost more, but can be booked with as little as 30 minutes advance notice (your trainer will also log notes in our system).  If you have a variable schedule, choose this option.

Code 15OFF can be used for 15% off either session at the time of booking*


*Offer expires 6/30/2017.
*This offer applies to ALL session types: personal training, Pilates, as well as yoga, but is limited to first time clients and one session per person. 

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