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June 2024 Yoga + Meditation Series

Week Membership Page

Aloha and mahalo for joining the June series! This page will be updated the week you signed up for the challenge with mediations to download and fitness classes to join. Classes will go LIVE at 5 AM Eastern Time as a recording that can be joined instantly or later that day (you'll be prompted to register).

BONUS: On days where more than 10 participants have RSVP'd for a class, I'll send out a special email that will allow you to join LIVE so you have the option to share your scree, ask questions, and connect with other members of the Fit Armadillo community :) 

Have questions?
E-mail: Catherine


Monday Flow
20 Minute Yoga Flow

Monday Meditation
6 Phase Meditation
20 Minutes
Try it at the start or end of your day

Tuesday Tone Up
25 Minute Cardio/Strength Blended Workout
-1 heavy weight
-Foam roller (or tennis ball)
Optional: Chair for modifications

Heart Centered Meditation
10 Minutes

Move, Breathe, Chant Meditation

27 Minute Meditation
Note: Jumping is part of this - plan your meditation space accordingly ;)

*Classes/recordings will go LIVE at 5 AM Eastern Time each day they are scheduled.
Join class INSTANTLY at the time that works for you that day OR at set times (some participants find this helps hold them accountable). If 10 or more people are scheduled at a set time, I'll join live in the comments and to allow you to share your screen if you need a modification or additional support.

About your instructor:

Catherine Turley 

Catherine Basu

Catherine is the founder of Fit Armadillo and passionate about helping you enjoy fitness at your own place and pace. Read more HERE

More classes will be added based on early bird participants - Share the BEST Days, Times, and Formats YOU want to see by completing THIS Survey 

Looking for something more? 

1. Complete THIS form to share your feedback so we can try to add more classes that fit your schedule
And don't be shy about telling your friends-we need 5 people to run a class ;)

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