Online Group Fitness Classes

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Wish you could enjoy the accountability of a group fitness class,

 but don't have time to get to a gym?

Your wish is my command!

Thanks to your feedback, Fit Armadillo is now offering small online group fitness classes.

If you have a device that can get online (computer, tablet, or even a phone, if you don't mind a small screen), you can enjoy these sessions! 

Check out this GIF* for a glimpse at how it works:

online fitness classes

*I promise the team and I are more skilled at teaching home workout friendly classes than making GIFs. 
If you have a longer attention span, you can check out the video overview of how classes work by scrolling to the bottom of this page ;) 

Yes - you can work out with a certified fitness professional and up to 11 workout buddies from your home, hotel room, or even the beach (if you have a solid wifi connection and won't accidentally kick your phone or tablet into the sand while getting into tree pose or busting out your best burpee)!

NO gym membership required.

NO traffic to fight.

It's about as dreamy as Adam Levine (in my honest, armadillo opinion...).

About the sessions:

Like our online personal training and private yoga sessions, our small online group fitness classes are provided over live 2-way video chat (scroll down to see a video overview). Join your online fitness class from wherever you are in the world as long as you have a solid internet connection and enjoy getting to know our talented team of certified fitness professionals.

online fitness class

So easy, an armadillo can work out this way! Me getting ready for a foam rolling class from my home office.

Sessions are capped at 11 participants. Join the class and share your screen if you'd like the instructor to share feedback on your form or hide your camera, if you just want to watch the class. 

Class is $18 up to forty-eight hours before class time, 
but increases 24 hours before class.
RSVP ASAP for the best price!

IMPORTANT: Before your 1st group class, please be sure to carefully read your booking confirmation email for connection tips. It is highly recommended that you book a test session with Fit Armadillo owner, Catherine Basu, to make sure your device can connect properly before class so that you and your classmates have the best possible experience. Check Catherine's schedule HERE or email her: to request a 10 minute video chat test with your device. 

About your instructor:

Briana Limoncelli

headshot of online physical trainer Briana

Briana is an ACE certified personal trainer who has been certified since September of 2013 and working with FitArmadillo since 2015. With a background in gymnastics and as a competitive gymnastics coach, she has an appreciation for full body training. She believes that focusing on all areas of the body, as well as the mind, is the best way to become motivated toward our goals. This belief can move you forward in all aspects of life.  She is interested in helping you reach your goals starting by transforming the way you view fitness.  


Core Workout
Wednesday, July 31st

4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern Time*
* You can confirm the time in your timezone when you go to save your spot

Join Briana for a 30 minute core class.  Enjoy toning exercises that will target your core (abs and low back).   

When RSVPing you'll be able to see the time in your timezone.

Can't make this class? Head HERE to share your feedback for better days and times.  

*Classes are $18 48 hours before start time, 
$22 between 48 hrs and 24 hours before class and 
$28 if spaces remain between 24 hrs and 15 minutes before class starts - Sign up ASAP for the best price :) 

About your instructor:

Kayla Kurin

private yoga near me Kayla private yoga instructor

Yoga came into my life when I was too sick to get out of bed most days. I couldn’t do many of the activities that I enjoyed, but I could do yoga. Yoga taught me to be kind to my body and myself. In time I was able to turn that kindness outwards, and cultivate a sense of loving kindness for the people and environments around me.  I completed my 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training with Yoga London, because I wanted to help bring that sense of peace and kindness to others. In my classes, I am to meet each student where they are on the mat. From guided meditations, gentle flows, and more vigorous practices to stretch and strengthen the body, I love helping people connect with themselves, exactly as they are, through yoga.




*Classes are $18 48 hours before start time, 
$22 between 48 hrs and 24 hours before class and 
$28 if spaces remain between 24 hrs and 15 minutes before class starts - Sign up ASAP for the best price :) 

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