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Harjit N.

Amanda Lawrence  

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: ALsStudio

  About Amanda:
    I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I am a busy mom of 2. I love strength training, cardio, HIIT,
    and bootcamp style workouts. My journey with fitness and nutrition began over 8 years ago and my passion has
    grown since. I love helping others reach their fitness and nutrition goals.

  Videos and Tips from Amanda on the Blog: HERE

Krista Kelch  

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: KKsStudio

  About Krista:
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer, IBBFA Certified Level 1 Barre and Stretch and Tone Instructor, certified instructor for       Hatha Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Chair Yoga.
    Specialties: People who would like to be more physically active and ENJOY the process.US Clients only.    

  Videos and Tips from Krista on the Blog: HERE

Lisa Patten

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: LPsStudio

  About Lisa: 

    Lisa Patten is an ACE certified Personal Trainer. She is a Veteran of the United States Navy, where she served as a      
    Command Fitness Leader training sailors overseas. Lisa also competed as a Coxswain on the Binghamton University’s
    Division I, Varsity Crew team. After the military and then graduate school, Lisa decided to stay home as a full-time
    mom to her 3-year-old toddler, Mason. Now, she works from home as a Personal Trainer and professional fitness
    writer. Lisa’s favorite way to exercise is heavy weight-lifting, and her specialty is short, effective, full-body sessions
    that burns calories, builds muscle, and most-importantly, fits her crazy, busy mom life.

  Videos and Tips from Lisa on the Blog: HERE

Megan Flanagan  

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: MFsStudio

  About Megan: 
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

  Videos and Tips from Megan on the Blog: HERE

Melissa Leavitt

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: MLsStudio

  About Melissa: 
    My personal journey with health and fitness began 10 years ago. I've developed a passion for it and my purpose in
    training is to share that passion. Working out should be fun, challenging, and rewarding.
    Training Philosophy: I try to pack as much as I can into a half hour session to make it worth your time. My training
    style is mainly bootcamp-type sessions, circuit training, and HIIT. I try to push my clients past their comfort zone,
    while staying safe, in order to help them grow.
    Specialties: Modifications for those clients that are injured or not able to do regular exercise moves.

  Videos and Tips from Melissa on the Blog: HERE 

Tenisha Martin  

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: TMsStudio

  About Tenisha: 
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in long distance training.I love training for fitness events and seeing
    the body transform. I'd love to help you start your transformation today!

  Videos and Tips from Tenisha on the Blog: Coming Soon!

Stephanie Zechman 

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: SZsStudio

  About Stephanie: 
    I am an ACE certified personal trainer. I really enjoy training people, and working hard with them. I feel a sense of
    accomplishment when they reach their goals. I also have been working in Physical Therapy for twenty years. My
    experience with Physical Therapy helps me with training clients when they have certain limitations because of
    previous injuries.

  Videos and Tips from Stephanie on the Blog: Coming Soon!

Harjit *Pilates*

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: HNsStudio

  About Harjit: 
    I'm a Pilates Process teacher based in Toronto, Canada. I started doing Pilates four years ago to recover from a
    chronic condition which left me physically dependent on my family for many years. I'm now a recreational aerialist
    with a body beyond my dreams! I credit private Pilates sessions - where I received individual-level feedback on my
    form - as a key factor in my fitness accomplishments.
    Training philosophy: Don’t force your body into a change that it’s not ready for. Be willing to start small and slow -
    you'll actually reach your fitness/life goals faster!
    Recent feedback from clients - “you’re a friendly and softer soul who listens really well” and “I never feel judged.”

  Videos and Tips from Harjit on the Blog: HERE

Kayla Kurin *Yoga*

  Online Fitness Studio:
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    -App code: KKsYStudio

  About Kayla: 
    Yoga came into my life when I was too sick to get out of bed most days. I couldn’t do many of the activities that I
    enjoyed, but I could do yoga. Yoga taught me to be kind to my body and myself. In time I was able to turn that
    kindness outwards, and cultivate a sense of loving kindness for the people and environments around me.  I
    completed my 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training with Yoga London, because I wanted to help bring that sense of
    peace and kindness to others. In my classes, I am to meet each student where they are on the mat. From guided
    meditations, gentle flows, and more vigorous practices to stretch and strengthen the body, I love helping people
    connect with themselves, exactly as they are, through yoga.

  Videos and Tips from Kayla on the Blog: HERE