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Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

Tried every diet and weight loss product out there only to feel frustrated
when any hard-earned results don't last?

It's NOT your fault!

Diets are set up to make you fail and the more you try the harder it is to lose weight.  

Plus they are NO fun!

What is? Our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge!

You will:

-Drop 2 sizes in 10 weeks
-Have more energy
-Enjoy 1-on-1 support from certified fitness professionals
-Make new fit friends and have fun as you reach your goal while being able to enjoy life

The fun starts Monday, January 14th 2018

This will NOT be a diet, but a challenge that will help you jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.

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Cost: $697
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The basics:

-You + 9 other challenge participants + our Certified Fitness Professionals (small group = more support)

-4 home workouts/week that change every few weeks (learn at least 12 routines) 

-1 group accountability call a week 

-Challenge journal

-Daily tips and strategies shared via email and in a private Facebook group​

-NO scales!!! 

-NO restrictive diet plan (get basic healthy eating tips, but enjoy the freedom to live life at the same time)

-100% Money back guarantee! If you complete all the workouts and do your homework, but don't lose 2 sizes, we'll refund your money.


Save 10% as an Early Bird and Progress App User:

*IMPORTANT: Refunds are only offered to participants who complete the 10 weeks of the challenge, had 2 sizes to lose, and hand in challenge homework as proof that they completed all tasks required.  If you have questions, please contact me (Catherine@FitArmadillo.com) BEFORE signing up!

Meet Your Drop 2 Sizes Hostess:

Catherine Basu

Who is running this challenge?


Hello, I'm Catherine Basu, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of Fit Armadillo®. 

I'm the hostess of the challenge and will be your main cheerleader during the 10 weeks.  I can't wait for you to see how you can drop 2 sizes without stepping on the scale or depriving yourself.

Over the past 11 years, I've worked with hundreds of fitness clients to help them reach their goals and I'm so excited to share my tips with you AND introduce you to some of the other awesome trainers here at Fit Armadillo®.

During the challenge you'll enjoy workouts you can complete from the comfort of your home.  Every time the workouts change, you'll have the opportunity to join us live to get feedback on your form. Workouts will also be recorded for days you have to repeat them and if you aren't able to join during the live session.

I can't wait to see you rocking your new clothes at the end of the 10 weeks ;)

New here? Learn more about Fit Armadillo® by visiting our main website HERE. ​

FAQs - Some questions I've been asked. Have another one? Don't be shy - get in touch: Catherine@FitArmadillo.com

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Time left to our start date:

Cost: $697

Save 10% as an Early Bird and Progress App User:

**SPACE is limited to 10 participants!** 

Praise for the Program from Past Participants:


Fitness Challenge Testimonial Megan Lose Weight Home Workouts
Megan Before and After Drop 2 Sizes Testimonial Praise

Megan also shared more about her experience completing the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge on The Fit Fifteen Podcast show. 

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Fitness Challenge Dress Size Sheri Review Testimonial Praise

More to come! Have a testimonial for the challenge you'd like to share? Head HERE to share your feedback or email Catherine: Catherine (at) FitArmadillo.com.