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12 Days of Fitness Workout 2017-2018

12 days of fitness challenge home workout routine

The 12 Days of Fitness Workout Is Here!

After the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge comes the 12 Days of Fitness Workout!

If you're new to the challenge, you're missing out. It's a 12 day fitness challenge that requires participants to get moving for at least 15 minutes over the 12 days of Christmas, December 25th-January 5th. Yes, some of the busiest days of the year! That's the point 😉 Fit Armadillo founder, Catherine Basu, started the challenge four years ago to help her clients and fans keep moving in spite of the many obstacles the holiday season brings.

Each day of the fitness challenge, participants get to unwrap a new fitness gift from the Fit Armadillo trainers. This year, fitness gifts were shared by Fit Armadillo personal trainers Briana, Megan, and Krista as well as private Pilates instructor, Harjit. Each fitness gift is a home workout friendly fitness move (i.e. no gym or equipment required!).  Challenge participants who shared their workouts on social media and tagged Fit Armadillo on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, were given a free copy of the 12 Days of Fitness Workout, which included all these fitness gifts.

Missed Out on the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge?

You can still try the workout on your own! This workout takes just under an hour to complete (warm-up and cool-down included) and requires no equipment. It's perfect for times when you are traveling or don't want to brave the weather (we hear you, Houston fans with the unexpected ice storms and our east cost family with your crazier than normal winter!). 

How to Complete the 12 Days of Fitness Workout:

First, you'll want to learn all the 12 fitness moves found in the workout.  You'll find them linked below and can click on any move you aren't sure of for more details and modifications from our certified fitness professionals:

1. Burpee
2. Jumping Jacks around the World
3. Standing Roll Downs
4. Diamond Rollbacks*
5. Arm Scissors in Diamond Rollback
6. Leg Lifts in Ab Curl
7. Ab Crunches
8. Renegade Rows OR High to Low Plank*
9.  Leg Pulses 
10.  Running in Place + 5 Knee Lifts
11.  Wide to Narrow Squat (Jump)s
12.  Mountain Climbers*

*While you don't need equipment for this workout, you might want to grab a pair of medium weights to try the renegade row (a GREAT core and back exercise!), a yoga block for a modification for the diamond rollbacks, and a bench or sturdy chair for a mountain climber modification. 

Once you know the moves and any modifications you'll want to take, you'll complete the workout circuit style to tune of the 12 Days of Christmas song. Start by doing fitness gift number 1, the burpee, 1 one time. Next, complete fitness gift number 2, jumping jacks around the world two times followed by fitness gift 1, a burpee again. After that? Move 3, 2, and 1. Keep going until you complete move number 12, the mountain climber twelve times followed by move 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 burpee to finish!

Prefer to Use a Workout Video?

Head HERE to purchase a copy of the workout video for just $4.99

Did you join us for the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge this year? We'd love to hear what you thought, if it helped you stay on track and anything else on your mind. Leave your feedback in the comments:

*Comes with a special code for our private fitness sessions 😉 Use it for private online personal training, private online yoga, or a private online Pilates session.

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