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3 Ways to Give BACK While Working OUT

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Hi, fans!

It's been awhile since I've done a video for my own website and I *almost* feel bad, but ​I'm back today to talk about 3 Ways to Give Back While Working Out!

​I can't wait to share my tips for giving back with you!

Tune in to Learn 3 Ways to Give Back While Working Out:​

To summarize:

Way #1 to Give Back: Use the Charity Miles App​

​Cost to you: $0

Benefit: Donate money to one of over 40 charities every time you ​do your cardio PLUS the added bonus of shout outs from yours truly when you join our team. 

Get all the 411 HERE.

Way #2 to Give Back: Shannan's Turkey Day Tabata

Cost to you: $15+

Benefit: Proceeds go to Feeding America.  You'll get to view the workout online now through Sunday for donating $15. Donate $20 and we'll email you a downloadable copy so you can tabata anytime!  Shannan has also created a Facebook group for the Tabata team.

Find all the 411 HERE.

Way #3 to Give Back: Donate Directly to Feeding America

OK, I cheated a little with this one...

You don't HAVE to work out to give back if you choose this option. However, I'm challenging you to do 10 Jumping Jacks for every $1 you donate.

Or that's what I said in the video...

Now that I think about it, maybe you should do 22 Jumping Jacks per $1, because that's how many meals each dollar will provide!

Cost to You: $1+

Benefit: 11 Meals per dollar. Donate HERE.

Now that you watched the video, leave a comment sharing how YOU will use your workouts to give back: 

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