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Susan P. Cypress, TX

I've lost weight, increased my stamina and just feel better."

Catherine helped me make a habit of exercise. By working with her I've lost weight, increased my stamina and flexibility and just feel better. I'd recommend her as a trainer, because she is thorough, encouraging, flexible in scheduling, and very positive. Personal training sessions with her have been a very worthwhile investment." 

Meredith Sanders Ft. Smith, AR

The best 'blind ­Internet­ find personal trainer' I could've ever asked/hoped for or imagined!

I was looking for a personal trainer, because I got on the scale for the first time in a while and the number scared me. From the get go Catherine was very professional and, most importantly, kind. She went through my goals, my fears, my “limitations."

In my head, I was thinking this is the calm before the storm, but not at all. We started to meet for weekly workouts. I will be 100% honest. I actually looked forward to these workouts. She made them as quick and painless as she could while still giving me a great workout. The thing that was amazing was it felt more like visiting a friend than working out. We would laugh, talk, and tell funny stories and I’d wake up the next morning with sore biceps and legs from planks and lunges not even remembering going through a 30 minute workout. That’s what I am talking about! A workout that is so fun, it feels like five minutes instead of 30!

Catherine, knowing I had weight loss goals, also gave me a realistic weight loss goal per week and measured me every once in a while saying inches would prove more than pounds. It was a revelation to me and, with Catherine’s help, I lost quite a bit of both. I’ve lost about 70 pounds and 40 inches (waist, arms, and such)! I NEVER would have stuck with working out if she would have been anything less than what she is. With the drill­sergeant way, I may have made it a month. Maybe. Even then, it would have been a “fad” change. With Catherine’s steady, fun, but still challenging style, I can see this being a lifestyle change.

This is even more exciting because, not only am I more healthy, but I gained a person that I consider a true friend out of it. It gets even better. I got engaged in February and, because of Catherine’s encouragement and my hard work, I am even more excited to walk down the aisle feeling my best! Yes, she is invited!"

To view Meredith's complete testimonial, before and afters, and congratulate her, visit the blog by clicking HERE.

Lynn Jordan Brisbane, Australia

It was 4 weeks before my wedding day and I knew it was crunch time.

Starting to regret my choice of a fitted mermaid dress, I decided that some sort of exercise was in order. My favorite type of exercise has always been running, however in the months leading up to my wedding I had started running twice a day and was beginning to feel an awful pain in my knees and calves.

I went to Catherine with my list of problems and we set up a routine. She was great­ not only did she correctly assess the problem with the pain I was feeling in my legs as being related to my barefoot running shoes, but she tailored a program to suit exactly what I needed. Instead of static stretching we did yoga before and after our runs. We even mixed in some pool exercises to take the pressure off my knees and calves. It was fantastic!

The sheer energy and enthusiasm that radiates from Catherine makes the hard work all the more bearable. She will push you to your limit and make you accountable for your workouts but she will be there every step of the way making sure you don’t give up. It is always nice to have a personal trainer by your side to push you that one step further. I was sad to see Catherine leave Australia, but I am looking forward to our online training sessions!!”

Kirstin L. Newport, RI

If you’re ready to change your body, Catherine is the girl to call!"

“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Catherine as a personal trainer. I trained with Catherine prior to competing in the Miss Connecticut USA Pageant.

Workouts with her never felt like a chore. In fact, I even found myself looking forward to them!  Catherine really listened to my concerns, and created a workout regimen for me that was both effective and doable. In no time, she had whipped my body into competition shape! If you’re ready to change your body, Catherine is the girl to call. She will guide and support you through your transformation into your hot new body!”

Courtney Keene Houston, TX

I've toned up a lot more than I thought I could in 30 mins!

"My husband and I have been participating in Catherine’s group classes for the last 3 months. I really enjoy the classes and know I’ve toned up a lot since I started. This all in 30 minute sessions! If you’re looking for a trainer who knows how to get you great results in short sessions you’ll want to check her out."

Nancy R. Houston, TX

Fun and effective - a very nice combo."

"Catherine! I'm so sad that your class is over!!! You were always fun and effective, a very nice combo!"


mom and me fitness

My sister, the mom who inspired it all!

"I'm already back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

I've been doing Skype workouts while on maternity leave with my sister and it's been going great! Already back to my pre-pregnancy weight (a bit lighter actually 🙂 ) and I couldn't have done it without Catherine Basu. When I get a spare 30 minutes while my daughter is asleep I can just ring her up and squeeze in my workout with an online session."

A note from Catherine:

What started as an excuse to see my super cute niece (sorry for the faceless shot-her dad says she's too young to be a model!) worked so well that I wanted to share it with more busy moms! I'm so proud of my sister for her hard work and grateful to her and my niece for inspiring me to take my business in a direction that can really make a difference for other women!

Joyce Houston, TX

I am excited to work with her further."

The technology worked well on my iPad, easy-peasy. Harjit was good at describing movements to make sure I was doing them correctly and maintained her pleasant, easy going teaching style through the whole class. I am excited to work with her further!"

Vicki Haddock Nebraska

Catherine is so down to earth. I love her help and style!

"I am the typical American woman! After having three kids I ended up with a few extra pounds on. I am a very motivated, focused individual and decided to pursue a diet to get rid of the weight. Over the last 10 years I have tried almost every diet out there: Weight Watcher, the HCG Diet, Atkins Diet, and a few others. I always had the same result. I lost a few pounds and as soon as I quite paying attention I regained it back plus.

This last year I have been focused on learning to eat healthy, creating healthier habits with eating choices and exercise. Habits that will stick with me long term. That is how I discovered Catherine! She invited me to attend a webinar she was hosting. After, attending that webinar we had some excellent coaching conversations where she encouraged me that I was not eating enough calories for a well balanced meal plan. The thought of increasing my calories was scary as we are taught by the diet scene that we have to restrict calories to lose weight.

I did as Catherine suggested and increased my calorie intake. Guess what!? I felt much more satisfied, no longer felt like I was depriving myself AND continued to drop the extra pounds.

Catherine is so down to earth. I love her help and style!

Maria R. Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I are quite happy with the results!"

“As a mom of two daughters under the age of 8, I don’t have a lot of time to work out.
I have a membership to a yoga and Pilates studio, but I needed help fitting cardio into my routine. Catherine worked with me to create a personal training plan that supplements my other sessions and my husband and I are quite happy with the results! I wouldn’t have been able to afford a trainer at the gym and I don’t want a gym membership, but I needed the guidance and accountability. Highly recommend you, Catherine!”

Tammy Wilcher-Stevens Georgia

Truly an incredible experience...there's no turning back now!"

"Meeting Catherine via Facebook has truly been an incredible experience! She really inspires her followers more than I think she realize. Having the opportunity to communicate with her is a blessing. After having my son I found myself picking up weight and that was not something I was thrilled about since I always been more on the slim side. Once my jeans started fitting way too tight I knew then it was time for a change! I started complaining about it to my husband and he would tell me "baby if you want things in your life to change, then you have to change things in your life." His words stuck with me!

I have to be honest that I had no idea where to begin, I just knew I had to start somewhere and what perfect timing it was that was when Catherine and I connected!

Having a 1 year old and being a stay at home business mom I used all of that as an opportunity instead of an excuse, my 1 year old became my yoga partner. I order DVD's for beginners and I begin. I found peace, enjoyment and happiness that I got the chance to spend this time with my son and start my healthy journey.

Later within a few months I purchased my treadmill, and away I went! Watching Catherine share her posts and checking in on us keeps me motivated! There would be times where I wanted to say "forget this" because I wasn't achieving results fast, then I would happen to scroll down my newsfeed on facebook and I see her posts, I imagine hearing her voice saying "get up you can do this!" It seems like she was my very own personal coach/cheerleader instead of a drill sergeant. I always wanted to train one on one with a personal trainer so I can't wait until we meet in person. (for now this will do..LOL)

Thanks Catherine for all you do,
no turning back now! 🙂


Chrissy Das Jacksonville, FL

Very encouraging to this fitness newbie."

"I met Catherine six months ago and she has been very encouraging to this fitness newbie. I was naturally slim through high school and college and now, as I keep getting closer to my 30th 

birthday, I have to make a more conscious effort to make healthy choices.This year I joined a running club and ran my first 5K. For 2015, my goal is to run one 5K a month.     

With Catherine's help, I am sure I can keep getting fit and fabulous!"

Nicole Liloia New Jersey

The most supportive fitness partner you can have."

I'm so grateful to have connected with Catherine ­­­ she has so much energy and her enthusiasm has totally made me enthused about getting fit ­­­ I have even started running again, which I swore I would never do.  
She is the most supportive fitness partner you can have and doesn't just care about helping you get in shape ­­ she wants you to be happy and healthy in ALL areas of your life. Catherine also provides you with a personalized plan so that you're not wasting time doing exercises that won't offer you the benefits you need!


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