Barre Class Sample: Upper Body Exercises – Fit Armadillo

Barre Class Sample: Upper Body Exercises

Barre workout sample upper body exercises home workout video

Barre Class Sample: Upper Body Exercises

It's Barre Fitness Month! Well, at least it feels like it here at Fit Armadillo.

Our Trainer of the Month, Krista Kelch, is not only a certified personal trainer, but also a certified yoga and barre fitness instructor. She's created a series of fitness videos to help you get a taste of barre workouts.

Last week, Krista shared a brief intro to barre fitness and talked about its benefits. If you missed that, head HERE to check it out. 

This week, she's back to show you some sample upper body exercises that you might see in a barre class or a private fitness session with her, if you'd like to include barre moves.

Barre Class Sample: Upper Body Exercises

Now that you've seen some sample upper body barre exercises, you might be wondering what a lower body barre workout looks like. 

That's what Krista will cover next week!

To make sure you don't forget to come back, head HERE to sign up for our A-List for a reminder. 

Want to enjoy a barre workout customized to your personal fitness goals? Head HERE to schedule your private online fitness session with Krista. Now - 3/6/2017, Krista is our Trainer of the Month so you can enjoy sessions with her for up to $20 off! 

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