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Best Detox for Weight Loss

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What's the Best Detox for Weight Loss?

With summer right around the corner this is a question the Fit Armadillo online personal trainers and I get asked almost daily.

So what IS the best detox for weight loss? 

​If you want to lose weight permanently, the best detox for you to try is a detox from cleanses and detoxes.

Let me repeat that:

The best way to lose weight is to eliminate detoxes and cleanses from your "getting summer ready" routine.

As long as you have a working liver (if you didn't you'd be very sick and would need to see a doctor), you do NOT need to complete a detox diet.

Your liver does the job of detoxifying (eliminating) harmful substances from your body.

This graphic from ​Destroyed by Science sums my advice up perfectly:

Detox Supplements for Weight Loss

Not too happy with this weight loss tip?

Maybe you have friends who have lost a lot of weight on a detox, cleanse, or by using a fancy supplement backed by doctors and athletes that, coincidentally (cough cough), they really want you to purchase from them.

Before you consider dishing over your hard earned money, check this out:

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Americans literally lose billions on weight loss scams.

Posted by ATTN: on Saturday, March 12, 2016

I saw at least one doctor in there, didn't you?

Just because a doctor and/or athlete backs up a supplement or pill does NOT mean it works or that you should use it!

In fact, the only time you should consider purchasing any products that are "backed by a doctor" is if they are backed by YOUR physician and you trust him or her (if not, get a second opinion). ​

As for those athletes?

I don't know about you, but I've also seen many spout the benefits of fast food when they're being paid big bucks! 

Why do people lose weight on a detox, if detoxes don't work?

First of all, many people who are successful, didn't just use the pills or shakes they want you to buy! This is why most weight loss commercials quickly share phrases like "results are not typical" and/or "when used with a healthy diet and exercise."

However, some people DO lose weight on a detox diet or cleanse.

Why is this?

Unfortunately, many people lose weight on a detox, because they are being extremely unhealthy. Removing protein and other important nutrients from their body causes weight loss, because they are malnourished and causing their bodies to break down muscle tissue.

THIS is why most people gain back all the weight they lose on a detox (and then some!).

Once they are off their detox diet, their metabolism is a lot lower due to the loss of muscle tissue. It's harder for them to use the calories they consume even if they eat less than they did before. ​

Basically, it's a big mess that I don't want you to have to have any part of!​

So what CAN you do if you want to lose weight before summer?

1. Try out the one pill you can't buy that actually DOES work - exercise! 

"If exercise came in a pill form, it would be plastered across the front pages, hailed as the blockbuster drug of the century." ~Dr. Ratey

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Start with just 20 minutes of walking in the morning and I bet you'll be impressed with how wonderful you feel!

Even better?

Kick things up a notch with a 1-on-1 online personal training session. Head HERE to book yours. 

Adding strength training to your routine can work wonders when it comes to helping you overcome a weight loss plateau. Our talented fitness professionals would love to show you some moves you can complete in the comfort of your home.

2. Learn how to eat healthy for your body​

Start by rethinking your plate at meal time. 

Aim to have half your plate covered in fruits and/or veggies for more nutrients, fiber, and less calories.

You do NOT need to reach for the juicer or blender!

Juice cleanses and smoothies might help you eat healthier, if you won't eat fruits and veggies any other way, but they actually aren't the best option for weight loss (more on that HERE). ​

If you want more 1-on-1 help with how to eat healthy for your personal fitness and weight loss goals, ask one of our trainers during your next session. We offer custom nutrition plans with a food swap feature that helps even our pickiest clients stay on track. ​Just ask us about them after your next fitness session

To sum:

By detoxing from detoxes you'll be able to lose weight and keep it off instead of falling prey to what you might have experienced in the past - losing a significant amount of weight quickly and then gaining it back and then some!

Or maybe not even losing any weight at all and feeling like YOU must be the problem. That's simply not true (unless, of course you continue to fall prey to these weight loss scams). ​

Friends don't let friends detox...unless it's THIS one. Best detox for #WeightLoss! #AprilFools #FitTips

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I hope this post has helped empowered you to take action that will get you REAL results!

Now that you've read it, share your thoughts. What's the most crazy detox or supplement you've heard of? How will you start treating your body and wallet right by doing things the healthy way? Share by leaving a comment below:​

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