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Money Confidence Coach Krista Inochovsky on Fitting in Fitness

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The Fitting in Fitness Interview Series is back!

If you've been looking for help finding your fitness motivation,  you're in luck!

Each week during the month of February, I’ll be talking to female entrepreneurs who aren’t personal trainers about how and why they fit fitness into their busy lifestyles. They'll also share simple action steps you can take to start enjoying the many benefits of fitness for yourself.

Joining me today to kick off the series is Krista Inochovsky, the Money Confidence Coach.

I picked Krista to kick off the series, because as I reminded you last month, our overall health is NOT just about our physical fitness.

It also includes our mental health and social health and if you neglect any of the three components, you will negatively impact the other two and your overall health. So, if your finances are causing you mental stress or impacting your relationships, be sure to visit Krista after the interview! It might  not seem like this step could help your physical fitness, but it definitely could!

money confidence coach krista inochovsky

About Krista Inochovsky

Krista is a licensed financial professional with over 10 years of experience and ongoing education in the financial industry.

She has combined her diverse and unique 

experiences to become the Money Confidence Coach empowering people (especially women) to live their best life and gain financial confidence.You may have seen Krista as the guest financial expert on Fox 35 News, speaking to local and national groups or on numerous web-based broadcasts.

She is the founder of Happily Ever Wealthy a virtual coaching program for couples to “Master Money-Matters of Life” along with her partner Dr. Jada Jackson, psychology professional.

Tune in to learn more and to get Krista's tips: 

Now that you’ve watched Krista’s interview, don’t forget to take action!

1. Accept at least ONE of Krista's dares:

1. Start your morning with a few full body movements.
2. Enjoy a 15 minute walk break during your day.

Share the proof on social media and tag your post #FitNFitDare and @FitArmadillo so Krista and I see it and can cheer you on!

2. Share this interview to inspire your friends!

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3. Keep the fun going

Be sure to visit Krista's website to claim her free offer, a copy of her eBook, How to Change Your Money Path Now.  

And don't forget to keep coming back this month for more awesome interviews and fitting in fitness dares! To get weekly reminders to come back to check out this series, sign up for our newsletter HERE.

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