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Get Ready, Get Set, Get HAPPY :) A Confession and a Cool TED Talk about Happiness

First, our confession:
Several years ago we may or may not have told our younger sister (with the help of some friends…peer pressure can be a real b$#@*) that if she ate kitty food she would become a princess kitty.  Regrettably, she tried it but something was wrong with the cat food because she might be pretty darn cool but she never became a princess or a kitty.  
Onto the COOL Ted Talk:
Now that that’s off our chest, we wanted to share the TED Talk that reminded us of this hilarious (albeit slightly tragic) story from our childhood.  We’d love to take full credit for finding the talk but the credit really goes to the Happsters who shared the talk today on their blog spot and will teach you 5 tips to get happy in 21 days. We could have just shared the TED Talk, but if you click on THIS link to their page you’ll get a great summary of the key points to refer to after you’ve watched the video (which you REALLY should do because we’d love for you to get a few laughs in while you’re learning).
Top 5 reasons to check out the post and the TED Talk:
1. It includes a story with a hilarious childhood confession from another older sibling about back in the day (feel better about yourself and laugh out loud-not bad).
2. You get to learn awesome stats about happiness (sound smarter at your next party).
3. Train your brain without having to pay for hypnosis (or getting sleepy).
4. One of the tips requires you to journal (FINALLY a reason to buy that awesome journal from Barnes and Nobel you always wanted….unless you are like us and already have one or five or ….more….but it’s all good because now we know there was a great reason for our purchase).
5. We saved our best reason for last: Exercising is one of the five tips 🙂 
Get active, get happy, and get social (random acts of kindness up your happiness so sharing this challenge will help you and your friends+fam).
Keep us posted on your 21 day challenge if you take it and how you feel at the end of it by posting below:

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