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King Tut Day Pyramid Workout

king tut day

It's King Tut Day!

Today, November 4th, marks the anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamen​'s tomb by British Archaeologist, Howard Carter, in 1922.

To celebrate that day, I'm sharing my favorite pyramid style interval workout with you.

Here's what to do to work out like an Egyptian piece of architecture (maybe not as fun as walking like an Egyptian, but highly effective!):

​1. Complete a 3-5 min cardio warm-up

Any type of cardio is fine. Walking, jogging, swimming, or biking all count. The key is to complete it at a lower level to slowly increase your heart rate before starting the intervals.

2. Get into the pyramid style intervals!

Using the pyramid diagram above​ as your guide, begin with a 30 sec interval of faster paced cardio. When you're done, alternate this fast pace with 60 secs of a slower pace or recovery interval.  Continue to alternate the fast intervals (shown in gray) with the slower intervals (marked in white and all 60 secs in length for this particular workout). 

3. Finish the workout back at the base of the pyramid with a cool-down.

End the workout the same way you started it. Spend 3-5 mins completing lower level cardio so your heart rate can slowly lower to its pre-exercise level.

This interval workout is one of my personal favorites for surviving days I have to complete my cardio on a dreadmill treadmill, but it's actually quite versatile.
Use it indoors or outdoors with any form or cardio and feel free to play with the interval lengths and level of intensity based on your current fitness level.
Interval workouts like this one are best done 1-2 times a week at the most and are a great way to increase your overall speed as well as help you boost your metabolism (making them great for weight loss).
Hope this workout helps you commemorate King Tut Day and keep up with your cardio in a fun way!

To learn more about Pharaoh King Tut, The Boy King, head HERE.
Have you tried pyramid workouts for your cardio? Will your try this one? Know a fun fact about King Tut? Leave a comment below to tell us: 

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