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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

last minute mother's day gift idea may 14th

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2017

Mother's Day is THIS Sunday, May 14th!

Do you have a gift idea for mom yet? If not, don't panic! I have a several unique gift ideas that your mom will love that you can order this week and she'll be able to enjoy for a lot longer than the flowers or brunch date that your other siblings have planned. No wonder you're her favorite 😉 

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea #1: A Signed Copy of Superwomen Secrets Revealed

In honor of Mother's Day I've created a special offer for signed copies of my recently published book, Superwomen Secrets Revealed

best fitness book for women successful women secrets

The book was a Hot New Release and #1 Download in the Women & Business, Women's Health, and Quick Workout categories when it was released as an eBook and it continues to do well as a hardback.

Head HERE to order your signed copy (I'm happy to add a personalized message).

In the book your mom will find the stories of inspirational women (many are also moms) who share how and why they fit in fitness.  Give it to your favorite mom to help motivate her to go after her big dreams - just like she always did for you. Your lucky mom will also enjoy fitness challenges in the book that will let her channel her inner daredevil 😉 

While books will ship via media mail, mom can still get her copy in time for her big day - I'll have the eBook available for FREE download on Mother's Day. 

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea #2:
A Personalized T-Shirt Quilt from Project Repat

I just had my own custom t-shirt quilt from Project Repat (pics + story to come soon!) made and I'm obsessed with this company!!!

Yes, it did take about 4 weeks for my quilt to be created and returned so it might not seem like the best last minute gift idea, however, I'd encourage you to consider this option!

You can buy your mom a gift card so that she can pick the shirts she wants to have transformed into her new favorite blanket full of memories. It's a much better than accidentally cutting up her favorite shirt. While that might have been OK when you were in kindergarten, I wouldn't risk it now!

Whether your mom is a runner with loads of race shirts spilling out of her dresser drawers or huge fan of Tom Petty with an equal number of concert shirts that aren't getting enough love, she'll appreciate this personalized touch.

BONUS: Head HERE to enter to win a free t-shirt quilt 😉

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea #3:
A Private Online Fitness Session with Mom

At Fit Armadillo, we LOVE working with moms!

Afterall, a very special mom (my sister-shown here with my oldest niece!) inspired me to bring on a team of fit pros so I could make the last minute booking option we now offer possible. 

Gift your mom a private online fitness session of her own by purchasing a gift certificate OR scheduling a private session you can both enjoy together. If you and your mom can't be together this Mother's Day, this would be a wonderful gift! Thanks to the wonders of technology, you and your mom can meet one of our talented fitness instructors at the same time.

All you have to do is purchase a buddy pass (link HERE) after booking your session and you and mom can tone up or de-stress together (we have a wonderful team of certified personal trainers and yoga instructors) when you enjoy a buddy session.

This month, our featured fitness professional is our yoga instructor, Kayla. Book with her for yourself , your favorite mom, or both of you and you can save up to $20.  

Head HERE to check out Kayla's calendar and some of her blog posts (including our Yoga for Runners session!). 

A few more gift ideas for mom:

Need a few more gift ideas for your mom?

Head HERE to check out last year's Mother's Day Gift Guide. Even if you can't purchase the gift in time for Mother's Day you might get a great gift idea for mom to enjoy on her birthday.

Will you try one of my top three unique Mother's Day gift ideas this year? Have another gift idea to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and....if you are a mom - thank you for ALL that you do!!! + feel free to share what you have on your wish list 😉 

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