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Look Out! It’s a Love Bomb!!! How Love Bombing Can Improve Your Health

This blog post is part of the 10-Day Blogging Challenge hosted by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt of http://www.annesophie.us/   Stop by her page for more thoughts on this topic!

Day One: Love Bombs

Unless you’re a 12-year old boy who “secretly” stashed his first stink bomb, a bomb is not something you really want to be responsible for detonating. 

However, there is one bomb that you should experiment with as often as possible: the love bomb.  Until I signed up to be part of this blog challenge, I had never heard of a love bomb, however, I have dropped a few of my own from time to time and encourage you to do so as well. 

That’s because a love bomb is a carefully crafted act of extreme kindness.  I bet you wish someone was love bombing you right now, huh?  Don’t worry! Start your own love bombing mission today and I bet you’ll enjoy some bombs thrown back at you from the friends, family, and strangers that you’ve declared your love war on. 

Today I’ll discuss some ways to get going on your next love bombing spree connected to my favorite topic: fitness!

Why should you drop love bombs:

When you drop a love bomb you are performing what will appear to your love victim as a random act of kindness.  Combined with daily exercise, a focus on positive aspects of your day, and meditation, a love bombing practice is a great way to train your brain to be happier.  A happy brain makes a happy person and can help prevent depression and will certainly improve your outlook on life.  Don’t believe us? Check out this blog post where we talk about one of our favorite TED Talks and start love bombing your way to a happier brain and life today!

How dropping love bombs can help you reach your healthy living goals:
Your overall health includes three components: your emotional health, social health, and physical health. Although each component of your overall health is unique, they are all interconnected.  If one aspect suffers, the others do. However, if you improve one component of your overall health, you’ll also have an impact on other components. Love bombing can improve each aspect of your overall health because it can impact each health component. Although there are millions of examples of how this can happen, we’ll uncover a few here:

Since love bombing can lead to a happier brain, it certainly impacts your emotional health in a positive way.  How does love bombing impact the other two aspects of your overall health? Great question!

Love bomb a coworker by helping them with a task will definitely impact your social health.  As you have positive interactions with others, you increase the quality of your social relationships and personal social health.  The love bomb recipient will think more highly of you and be more willing to help you out in the future.

We’ve connected love bombing to emotional and social health.  How can your love bombing practice help you and other Fit Armadillo fans who are here to learn more about positively impacting their physical health? First remember that physical health is a combination of your physical activity and nutrition.  So any love bomb that works on these two will up your overall physical health.   Here are some specific examples to store in your arsenal:

1.  Learn a new healthy recipe and bring it to work.  If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know that people love free food.  They’ll automatically pick up on this universally pleasing love bomb.  However, you’ll also be sprinkling a little extra love in by helping them avoid the donut line!   Even better? You might inspire a healthy cooking snack group and declare not only a love war, but a war on unhealthy food assassins that tend to sneak in the office. Need some dish inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board >>

2.  Offer to bring a healthy dish to that upcoming holiday soireeYour host/hostess will appreciate the helpfulness of this love bomb and you can spread love to the hearts of his/her friends with this healthy option. 

3.  Help a busy mom by watching her kids so she can work out.  If you’re a mom yourself, you might want to get a group of moms to swap duties once the love bomb grows into a revolution. 

4.  Carry someone’s groceries for them.  Love bomb a stranger with especially heavy bags and they’ll not only be grateful, you’ll also get a free strength training workout!

5.  Give up that closer parking spot.  Another way to love bomb a stranger!  Avoid a real fight and send a love bomb by opting for the further spot.  Get in a few extra steps on your way in and out of the store and burn some calories!

6.  Take the stairs when the elevator is overcrowded.  Just another love bomb that doubles as a gym-free workout. 

What love bombs are you planning on detonating? Share your thoughts with us by posting a comment below:

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