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How to Make Healthy Meal Prep Fit into Your Busy Lifestyle

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How to Make Healthy Meal Prep Fit Into Your Busy Life

As we start a new week, do you feel prepared to put your healthy lifestyle goals into action?

In working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer, I've found that the secret to making long-lasting lifestyle changes lies in the words of wisdom summarized by this quote:

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." ~Alan Lakein

Don't take the time to schedule your workouts? You are likely to fail to exercise!

Don't make a shopping list before heading to the grocery store? You are a lot more likely to give in to impulse buys than to purchase only the items that will serve as the ingredients you need to serve up some tasty, healthy meals.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." ~Alan Lakein #WordsofWisdom to apply to reach your #HealthyLifestyle goals!

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If, on the other hand, you DO plan ahead?

You're a lot less likely to fail!

My clients who've reached their fitness and weight loss goals planned to meet me for their personal training sessions AND carved out time to stay active on the days we didn't work out together. 

Want to get into a healthy meal prep routine? 

You'll also need to plan ahead, if you want to be successful.

Combine planning ahead to move more and planning ahead to enjoy healthy meals during a busy week? You'll REALLY get results.

More proof of the power of planning ahead:

Today starts week 7 of my Drop 2 Sizes Fitness Challenge program.  Over the last few weeks, I've watched program participants use the tool of planning ahead to drop at least one dress size so far and make leading a healthy lifestyle part of their daily routines, instead of a fad program they'll give up before the holidays.

Several of these successful participants were private online personal training clients of mine who hadn't seen any big results in the past year.  

Did my advice change or did my clients suddenly become more motivated?

The answer to both is no!

However, the way my clients approached making these changes did. The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge program emphasizes planning ahead each week and includes DAILY reminders and support to ensure participants commit to their plans.

Planning ahead is what has made ALL the difference!

If you want to make healthy meal prep easy, you will need to plan ahead, too. 

But how do you get started? 

While you could sign up for updates on the next Drop 2 Sizes Challenge program, I have a better idea that can fit into even the smallest budget!

Yes, even if you have a $0 budget...

That's because the tool I'm sharing is something I'll be offering as a giveaway!

What is it? This healthy meal prep tool is called the FLOW Planner. It's available for pre-order as a KickStarter campaign that was created by one of my favorite healthy mompreneurs, Mia Moran. I'd explain it myself, but I think Mia does that best (hint: it's more than a healthy meal prep tool 😉 ):

Check out the FLOW Planner:

Want to snag a FLOW Planner to make healthy meal prep and leading a healthy lifestyle easy?

I know I did and that's why I've already submitted my pledge for my own copy and a few to use as giveaways for my awesome fans (like YOU!). 

Here's how to enter to win:

1. SHARE the FLOW Planner KickStarter Campaign (links can be found HERE that will give you some sweet free gifts 😉 from Mia ) on social media and tag me @FitArmadillo on Twitter or Instagram or @Fit Armadillo (to find my Facebook page) = 1 entry

Need help with #MealPrep?My friend @FitArmadillo recommend this: #HealthyLifestyle #LifeHacks

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2. SUPPORT the KickStarter (even just $1) and post about it and tag me = 2 entries

3. BUY at least 1 planner and post about it and tag me = 3 entries

YES you can do ALL three more than once for LOTS of entries! 

But don't even PLAN to enter - DO it now!

The giveaway ends THIS Wednesday, October 25th.

Did it?

Cool! If you haven't "met" Mia yet, I invite you to check out THIS fun Facebook LIVE we did together a few weeks back. Watch it for some of our favorite healthy lifestyle tips!

What are your favorite healthy meal prep hacks? I'd love to know and I'd love to hear why YOU are excited about the FLOW Planner giveaway and who you're going to gift your copy to if you win 😉

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