Personal Development Coach, Loraine Daniel, Shares Her Fit Tips – Fit Armadillo

Personal Development Coach, Loraine Daniel, Shares Her Fit Tips

Personal Development Coach, Loraine Daniel, Shares Her Fit Tips

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Have you ever met someone who had such a presence that the room was different after they walked into it?

Someone who seemed to glow and you might have wondered what juice they were drinking and how you could get some of it?

Personal Development and Growth Coach, Loraine Daniel IS that type of woman and that’s how I ended up asking her to be a part of my interview series (how lucky are WE that she said, “Yes”?)!

Spoiler alert: 

She’s going to tell you all about that secret juice, too 😉

Loraine lives in Cambridge, MA, but was down in Houston, TX at one of my favorite networking events right when I started recording my interviews.

Universe, I owe you one (…AGAIN….I know….I have a feeling we will never be even…)

When she walked into the room at that event, I immediately felt the energy change. I knew I wanted to talk to her during the meet and greet time and I was hoping she had a regular fitness routine.  Luckily, I guessed right and she’s a big fan of fitness and healthy living AND was up for meeting with me for an interview.

About Loraine Daniel

loraine daniel personal development

Loraine Daniel is a Personal Development and Growth Coach, that has a passion for empowering people to live beyond the limits of their mind, spirit, and body.She specializes in emotional healing, overcoming fear, and self-discovery. Loraine coaches clients worldwide.She is currently working on her first (Self-Help) book. Loraine is originally from Texas, but has recently relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

 Since Loraine was in town and came to my office, I was able to spend some time chatting with her before and after our interview and WISH we had recorded it all! She’s such a positive person with so much wisdom.

While this interview has lots of juicy tips and tricks for anyone, I’m going to dedicate it to all the moms.

If you are a mom who is struggling to fit in fitness or start healthy habits and feel like your family is always getting in your way, Loraine is going to help you overcome it!

Here’s our interview:

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To learn more about Loraine and sign up for her next challenge, find her on her WEBSITE or on FACEBOOK. 

Did you enjoy this interview? What was your favorite tip? What health tip will you test out for Loraine’s dare? We’d love to know! Leave a comment below:




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