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Teachers’ Tone Up Summer Session

Hello Ms. Incredible!  

You want THIS to be the summer you finally get into a healthy routine.

You have lesson planning down, but struggle
with fitting in fitness during the school year

My 4 week program helps you tone up on a teacher’s schedule
so you can get into a great routine NOW and keep things going once the school year starts (really!)

You need a fitness routine that you can complete at home, because running into students or
THAT parent while getting your sweat on? NOT an option.

You need help eating healthy, because you may be a little addicted to those sugary snacks from the teachers’ lounge, but you aren’t sure how to break the habit without going on a diet-EW!

You crave an accountability group that gets you, because they are busy during the school year, too!

Announcing your Solution: The Teachers’ Tone Up Summer Session
A 4 Week Online Group Fitness Program JUST for teachers

You will:

Get results without having to spend hours in the gym or risking a rendezvous with a former student

Have more energy (and be more productive) during the school year

Learn how to properly fuel your body (no supplements, cardboard like bars, diets, or the elimination of carbs required)

Feel fabulous fitting into your skinny jeans and rocking them on casual Fridays

Learn strategies for fitting in fitness during the school year and why putting your needs first will actually make you a better, happier teacher


The Teachers’ Tone Up lets you work with a personal
trainer without having to join a gym or break the bank.

A gym subscription, PT fees, and nutritionist would cost you at least $799, but the 4 week Teachers’ Tone Up
program, which includes your personalized guide to eating healthy, and house friendly exercises is

Only $99

PLUS you still get unlimited e-mail support from me, your certified
personal trainer, AND you’ll be part of a wicked awesome support group!


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*Limited to 20 Participants*


Learn more about Online Personal Training
for help with your goals

Next starts session July 20th

What happens next?

You’ll be brought to a survey so I can send you your personalized nutrition guidelines and grant you access to the Teachers Only accountability group on Facebook (don’t worry, it’s private!).  You’ll also get a Welcome Packet before the program starts on Monday, July 20th.

What do you get when you sign up?

  • Weekly fitness plans to help you tone up effectively and efficiently
  • A personalized 1-week nutrition plan with shopping list, recipes, and portion guide (learn how to properly fuel your body)
  • Workouts that are done in 30-45 mins and can be broken up into 10-15 min segments
  • List of recommended home fitness equipment
  • Access to your group’s private online support group moderated by ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Catherine Basu
  • Unlimited e-mail support from your certified personal trainer (you’re never alone!)

Think you need a little more help?

Sign up to be a Teacher’s Pet!

Get everything in the 4 Week Program PLUS

  • A phone session with me to address your personal needs and challenges Value: $59
  • Two one-on-one 30 min skype sessions (schedule anytime throughout the program) Value: $118
  • Personalized deluxe meal plans for the entire 4 weeks Value: $399

Total Value: $576

Teacher’s Special Price $247


Why work with me?

teacher bio picIn addition to being a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I’m also a former teacher! That’s right, for 3 years I was in the classroom just like you. I know what the school year is REALLY like and I want to help you have fun toning up so you will have more energy and are the best version of yourself inside and out.

As a teacher you put everyone and their mom (literally) ahead of yourself during the school year. This year I want to help you commit to enjoying some YOU time! I want to help you tone up and learn how to fit in fitness with your busy school schedule.  I want you to be able to take time for yourself during the school year so you’ll feel amazing and on top of your teaching game.

Don’t let another school year pass without learning how to fit fitness into your life! You and I both know that in the middle of the school year when you’re racing to cover endless amounts of curriculum all while preparing for last minute IEP meetings,  holding tutorials, reading 1001 “urgent” e-mails a day, (and I’m stopping the list there because you know it goes on FORever);  taking time for you will seem impossible. If you want to make a difference in your life this school year, you need to plan for it now.

Why else should you work with me?

I believe everyone deserves fitness that they can enjoy at their place and their pace. I only create programs that match my mission and that work. In addition to being a certified trainer I also have my B.S. degree in Biology from The College of William and Mary so I don’t pitch you advice unless it’s backed by science. That means I won’t sell you supplements or tell you to go on a diet, because they just don’t work! Instead, I teach you tools that will get you longterm results.

Ready to join us?

Sign me up for the 4 Week Teachers’ Tone Up:

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Thank you for visiting this page and being a teacher.

No one in the world appreciates the work you do more than I do. You are my heroine for making a difference in the lives of students day in and day out!

I hope to have the honor of working with you this summer 🙂  

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