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Train your Brain and “Up” your Fitness and Life Game!

It’s Monday again! Are you humming with that bluebird on your shoulder or ready to scream at your coworker who is humming? If you are sheepishly admitting that you were the second person in that sentence, we’re here to help.  Although we usually offer fitness tips focused on strengthening your muscles, today we’re focusing on training the brain.  Last week we blogged about an amazing TED Talk that taught us 5 steps to train the brain to become more positive.  We were all ready to start using these tips ourselves, but never did.  Luckily, today is Monday, the first day of a new week, and time to start over! So today we’re going to get serious about training our brains.  We’d love for you to join us and share your experiences.  Over the next 21 days we’re going to do the following EVERY DAY:

Train your Brain Daily Routine:
1.) Think about 3 things you’re grateful for
2.) Write about one positive experience you’ve had over the past 24 hrs in your journal
3.) Exercise (we swear we didn’t add this in! Working out will teach your brain to become more positive)
4.) Meditating (we’ll post a sample meditation starter for those of you who find it hard to just lie down and relax)
5.) Complete random acts of kindness (help a neighbor, friend, or family member out for no reason at all)

Ready? Dust off that cute journal you bought at Barnes and Noble and set aside some time today to reflect on your day, get moving, and surprise people you meet by being helpful.

Why should you do this? If you train your bran to become more positive, you’ll be more productive, energetic, intelligent, creative, and beautiful (we added that part but a smile is more attractive than a frown!) than you were just 21 days ago!

Here’s the TED Talk for those of you who still think we’re just trying to trick you into exercising:

Are you going to take on this challenge with us? Commit to the Train your Brain 21 day challenge by putting it in writing below:

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