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IMPORTANT: Currently we are NOT using AmSTATZ. Please see your personalized Trainer Cheat Sheet (sent after you sign up) for tips for our new system, SetMore.

Personal Trainer Setup

1.  Complete the initial application HERE.

2. Email the following to

a. Your W-9 form AND Independent Trainer Agreement 
     *Don't forget your signature!

b. Where you want payments sent

     *The recommended option is to your Google Wallet as Pay
       Pal will deduct a percentage of your payments.

     *When submitting write [Your Name] PT Paperwork in the          subject line    

3. Once all paperwork is complete you will receive an email from Catherine welcoming you to the system.

*Make sure you receive these emails by adding and to your contact list.

 4. Login to your Fit Armadillo account to:
a.  Create your trainer profile.  See BIO guidelines HERE.
b.  Add your availability (calendar->my availability).

5. Login daily to check your schedule and make changes as needed.

*There is no way to prevent clients from booking a certain number of mins in advance at this time so update so this is important.

6. When a client signs into Skype for a session, select Check In + Pay. (amstatz only)

 *Payments are completed via credit card online through the client's login screen.  If clients need to book via Google Wallet, they MUST email Catherine for help with this option. 

Trainer Payments:

Introductory period: 1-4 Sessions: $20/ 30 Mins Regular   $30 /30 Mins On Demand

If there are any issues during the introductory period, your account will be shut down and you won't be able to accept clients. PLEASE make sure to regularly update your hours to avoid any sessions being booked when you aren't available.

Level 1

5-49 Sessions Completed

$30.8 / 30 mins Regular Session
$40.8 /30 mins On Demand Session

Level 2

50-99 Sessions Completed

$ 31.9/ 30 mins Regular Session
$41.9 /30 mins On Demand Session

Level 3

100+ Sessions Completed

$ 33/ 30 mins Regular Session
$43/30 mins On Demand Session


Applying and Getting Started as a Trainer:

Setting Up and Completing a Session:

How to Complete and Record Sessions
(Written version - see video above for more help)

How to Complete and Record Sessions in amSTATZ:

How to Have a Great Online Session:

Client Notes and Resources
(for your reference)


1. Clients must complete THIS form to sign up.

2.  If the signup form is completed correctly, the client will receive an invite from Catherine with their own amSTATZ account details and a recommended trainer name.

*The welcome email from amSTATZ will come from the email:

*If a client is having trouble logging into their account, they can contact amSTATZ directly:  1-800-603-9086

3. Once clients are set up in the system they can book and pay for sessions online!

*To book a session your client will need to go to Book Your Trainer Now>GYM>Fit Armadillo>Services>Select the session type they want to book (On Demand or Regular)> Trainer Name> Date and Time> CC to book