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How to Travel in Style

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HOW TO TRAVEL IN STYLE and STILL have room for your workout gear!

It really doesn't matter if you are a celebrity, a female entrepreneur, biz boss, a mama with 4 kids in tow or all four combined; who wouldn't like to know how to pack like a pro, put together a comfortable, yet stylish outfit together that is totally airport ready, have an easy mix and max wardrobe for the trip and still have room for your “workout gear”?!

You started off 2016 with a bang by hiring a personal trainer to get you into tip top healthy shape!

But trying to get everything into that suitcase is stressful and you are already slipping into, “well, a few days off working out, is not going to hurt” mode, so I’ll leave the work out gear behind!

BUT no, we can’t have that!

Personal Stylist How to Travel in Style

SO, I am here to help. My name is Charlotte Olsson Bauer/ Style Fleur and I am a Personal Stylist helping women entrepreneurs worldwide create a signature style they love!! Here are steps for how to travel in style, and how/what to pack, so you still have room in that carry on for your WORKOUT GEAR!!


Keeping it SIMPLE is key. I think black, blue, denim and grey are great options, as there is nothing worse than a coffee or red wine stain etc. on a white tee or blouse brought upon by a little turbulence! Planes get so chilly, so it is always good to LAYER up!

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- SUGGESTED ITEMS; boyfriend jeans, which are a little looser on the waist preferably in a darker shade, skinny denim with a lot of stretch, jeggings or leather leggings etc in a darker colour, simple t-shirt, sweater, relaxed blazer or trench and my # 1 piece; the oversize SCARF, which can be used as a blanket if you get super chilly and can automatically make you look put together, when you step off the plane.
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PS: have the scarf, blazer or sweater in your CARRY ON, so you don't have to worry about taking things on and off as I go through security!

- SHOES. Oh what to wear! Ballet flats, fashion running shoe, such as converse, or an ankle bootie. These are all easy options to slip off and on both when going through security and when on the plane. Who needs the stress of unbuckling or struggling to get your sandals off with hundreds of people behind you?!

Have a pedicure before you leave, so if you are wearing ballet flats, no foot shame hysteria will occur when asked to take your shoes off going through security. Pack SOCKS in your carry on, so if you are wearing a ballet flat, you can be cosy while resting on the flight.

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- JEWELRY, watches etc. to a minimum. Again, you have to take those off at the security checkpoints. Who needs lots of jewelry when travelling anyway? It just ends up getting in the way. A great choice is a delicate necklace that can stay put!

- HAIR? I look like a lion after an 8 hour flight, so will either pop it in a platt, pony on arrival OR the best idea is to don a hat, that you can add to your carry on.


Eliminate all the stress and decide what you are taking and plan ahead.


Start out by looking at how many days you have, the occasions; business, dinner, and the weather etc.. You want to choose staples that you feel most confident in and this will help with your choices/alternatives.

You can wear pants/skirts more than once, so pack 2-3 tops to every bottom. So for a weeklong trip you should only need the outfit you are travelling in (come home in this too, just switch out the top) a dress, skirt, pant for example and the tops to switch out and a workout outfit. (Let’s be honest – you can wear your yoga or shorts pants more than once and the same goes for your choice or sport top or tee).

You should only need 3 pairs of shoes; a flat or boot, a heel and a yes, your "workout shoe"! Think about lightweight pieces that you can layer too, it not only saves and gives you that extra room in your case for your workout gear. If you have to bring a coat, think about a lightweight trench. Next layout out each outfit and match it to the occasion.

- COLOUR SCHEME; Stick to neutral colours for your basics and then add other shades to coordinate. Add pattern or bold colour with accessories, suchas a fun scarves, jewelry or shoes.

- PACK; First layer the bottom of suitcase or bag with tissue paper or a trash bag, which really helps fend off the wrinkles. The best way to create more room in your carry on or suitcase is to roll as many items as you can! YES – roll it!

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Rolling works best on stretchy knit fabrics, such as your workout gear, tees etc.. Folding is better for wrinkle prone fabrics, and tailored garments. You should start with shoes along the wheel base (weight helps with gravity) and put in a zip lock bags or shower caps, so it keeps the dirt off your clothes.

Put your workout gear in a ziplock bag and roll it too. This is also a great way to bring your sweaty gear and laundry home, to keep out those smells. Put all the rolled items first, and then layer with the folded, heaviest items on top. Put all the other essentials in the side and lid compartments.

If you feel like you would like support in creating a signature style or a stylish wardrobe to suit you and your lifestyle, don't hesitate to reach out. Schedule a complimentary style assessment call with me HERE and let's explore how we can make it happen!

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