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Want to Work Out at Home?

Want to Work Out at Home?

Now you can!

It's Catherine here with my first blog post in a few weeks (sorry!)

Where have I been?

Working hard to bring you something amaZING, of course! I wouldn’t just leave you hanging for no reason (and if you’re on my A-List you know I haven’t totally left you hanging!).

It is…*drumroll, please…..*!

ON DEMAND online personal training sessions

That’s right – as soon as I process your SIGN UP form and set you up with your own account, you can log into my system whenever you want to get connected with a trainer who can work with you with just 30 mins notice!

Why would YOU want to do this and why did I create it?

Both are great questions!

1. Why would you want to try it?

This is a personal question, but if you've been here for a while you can probably guess my answer.

Fitness is something I believe can and should be enjoyed by anyone, even if you don't enjoy going to the gym.

And I'm not just saying that as a personal trainer. I'm saying it, because I know that moving more can help you have more energy to be more creative in your business and a enjoy the time doing those things that matter most to you.

Which brings me to my answer to Q#2...

2. Why did I create this?

I decided to bring on more personal trainers and on demand online fitness sessions, because they were so helpful for my favorite client yet, my little sister!

As a new mom, my sister had trouble finding time for fitness.
I offered to meet her online when my little niece was down for a nap and it worked so well for her that I wanted to bring this freedom and flexibility to more busy moms and women.

I've been doing Skype workouts while on maternity leave with my sister and it's been going great! Already back to my pre-pregnancy weight (a bit lighter actually 🙂 ) and I couldn't have done it without Catherine Basu. When I get a spare 30 minutes while my daughter is asleep I can just ring her up and squeeze in my workout with an online session."

My sister + an amazing new mom!                 

Check out the video overview: 

Want to work out at home? Try on demand online personal training sessions!

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Now there is one more question I keep getting asked and that is "how much does this cost?"

After working in gyms for 6 years I realized that they are too expensive and inconvenient for most women. 

That's why I've set up online personal training sessions to be affordable and practical.

You only pay when you complete a session.

Signing up at Fit Armadillo so you can work out at home just means that you are completing the initial paperwork so I can create your free account.

There are NO application fees or membership fees!


What are you waiting for?

Sign up HERE to get matched with an awesome trainer and work out from the comfort of your home !

Now through September 1st, enjoy your first session for NOT $90 like you'd pay at the gym, but just $39 when you book with 48 hrs notice.

I can't wait to hear how enjoying fitness at your place and your pace changes your life 🙂

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