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World Peace, Love Viruses and Fitness with Tara Leduc

Today might be the last new Fitting in Fitness Interview this year, but we're tackling a BIG topic - World Peace!

What does World Peace have to do with your business?

Today's guest, Tara Leduc, is here to help you see how world peace and fitness will help you find inner peace. But, make no mistake - this interview might be about peace, but it's high in energy! 

And a perfect wrap up to the series as we both kept it super real - no makeup and making some confessions!

world peace inner peace

About Tara Leduc

Today we are talking with Tara Leduc, the Goddess of Goodness, the Chief Enthusiasm Officer at Her mission is World Peace, yes, 

WORLD Peace. And inner peace, too.  So if you think that Fitting in Fitness is tough when you are literally trying to save the world, you won't want to miss this interview!

tara world peace day

Tara Leduc in the wild 😉

Tune in for Tara's World Peace, Inner Peace, and Fit Tips: 

Now that you’ve watched Tara's interview, don’t forget to take action!

1. Accept Tara's dare:

Female entrepreneurs, we know this might be hard, but you and your businesses will thank us later! Take ONE day off from your business. Schedule your social media posts in advance and get ready to tune into your inner peace.

Then, for the next 5 days commit to 10 minutes of walking.  If you can't do this? Tara WILL come find you and it might not end too peacefully. Kidding...or are we? 

Accept the dare and share some proof on social media tagged post #FitNFitDare, @FitArmadillo, and @TaraLeduc so Tara and I see it and can cheer you on!

2. Share this interview to inspire your friends!

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3. Keep the fun going

Be sure to visit Tara's Website and check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and *maybe* Twitter for more inspiration, to follow the love virus challenge, and to learn more about her upcoming course. 

And don't forget to check out the rest of the awesome interviews and fitting in fitness dares! 

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