12 Days of Fitness – Day 11 – Fit Armadillo

12 Days of Fitness – Day 11

day 11

12 Days of Fitness – Day 11

The 12 Days of Fitness have almost come to an end! Today is day eleven. New to this fitness challenge? Find out what it’s all about HERE.

My Day 11 Workout

For today’s workout I enjoyed a nice 5 mile run outside.  As a former New Englander, the fact that I was able to run in shorts in January wasn’t something I took for granted. I loved every millisecond of it!

If you’ve been following the challenge, you know that I’ve been testing out a new fitness watch, the Adidas Fit Smart. The fact that it actually synced with the MiCoach App and I am able to share its interpretation of my workout with you is also something that I don’t take for granted!

It wasn’t able to sync any of my other 2015 workouts so far and since I’m in the middle of this challenge, I had tried to record three other days of workouts. Definitely not too reliable, to say the least.  However, today was different and I’m happy to share another Fit Smart vs. Garmin match-up.

Here’s a comparison of the Fit Smart to my Garmin:

run day 11

Adidas Fit Smart vs. Garmin Forerunner 310XT


Not surprisingly, the Fit Smart had me running fewer miles than my Garmin. I know the Garmin is correct, because I have measured this route in my car and the Garmin consistently counts the same mile markers on each workout. I can’t say the same for the Fit Smart. Sure, it doesn’t use GPS to calculate distance, but it is all over the place with it’s accuracy. I can’t even estimate that it’s off by a given amount each mile.  On this run, the Fit Smart counted mile one 1.04 miles into my workout, mile two at 2.09 miles in, mile three after I had completed 3.14 miles, mile four at 4.18 miles, and mile 5 never happened! Fit Smart says I only ran 4.77 miles. Boo!

I still want to try to test the Fit Smart on an outdoor walk for you, so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed that the Fit Smart will sync the walk when I attempt it!

Now that I’ve shared my workout, I’d love to know about yours! Tell me about it in the comments: 

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