12 Days of Fitness – Day Six – Fit Armadillo

12 Days of Fitness – Day Six

day 6 fitness

12 Days of Fitness – Day Six

It’s the halfway point for the 12 Days of Fitness! What is that? If you’re just tuning in, check out the first post to get the 411 HERE.

My Day Six Workout

Today, I did my favorite type of workout…a RUN!!! 🙂

I ran outside and thoroughly enjoyed the change in weather from my last run on Sunday.  Of course, I also took the opportunity to enjoy another round of Fit Smart vs. Garmin!  

The verdict? The Fit Smart seems to be getting smarter:

day 6 garmin vs fit smart

While it was 0.1 miles off by run’s end, the Fit Smart was tied with Garmin most of the run


For miles 1-3 both watches noted the passing mileage at the EXACT SAME TIME!  Sadly, come Mile 4, there was a 0.04 mile delay for the Fit Smart’s recording.  And…in the end it was off by 0.1 miles.  However, it wasn’t as bad as some of my other workouts.

I still choose my Garmin over the Fit Smart for now. I love being able to monitor my splits (see below), get a fancy map, and look back on how the weather was on a given run (see above).


day 6 split

Love my Garmin!!!


Without the Garmin I definitely wouldn’t have run negative splits today!

So…that’s about all I have for you today. Come back tomorrow to see what I do for Day Seven and my last workout of 2014 (crazy, right?!).

Did you work out today? Share your workout in the comments and come back tomorrow to hold yourself accountable: 

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