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12 Days of Fitness – Day Ten

day 10

The 12 Days of Fitness – Day Ten

The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge is still on! If you’re new to this version of the 12 Days of Christmas, stop by the first post HERE.

My Day Ten Workout

On the 10th Day of Fitness I probably should have done a plyometric workout with some lords, but instead I split my workout into two sessions, neither of which included leaping.

I started the day off with a rainy run.  It was pretty slippery out there!  I wanted to give my Fit Smart a chance to redeem itself so I used that to record my run.  Sadly, it wasn’t able to transfer the data from my run to the MiCoach app…yet again 🙁 Luckily, I ran a route I know the mile markers for so I can give you an idea of its accuracy.

Mile one is a stop sign. When I didn’t stop, but ran by the red sign (don’t worry, there were no cops standing by to witness this daredevil act!), the Fit Smart vibrated to announce that I had completed the one mile distance. How about that? Exactly the same distance as my mile marker! Things seemed to be off to a great start.

Just before my turnaround point at a house where I often see a peacock parading around (I really need to start running with my phone!), the Fit Smart announced my second mile a good 0.09 mi too soon. By the second stop sign run-by, it buzzed 0.07 mi early. Finally, Fit Smart had me done with my run 0.11 miles before I was back home.

I really need a watch that’s more accurate than this. Im hoping my Polar Loop gets back early next week so I can run a few heart rate monitor to heart rate monitor tests for you, as the distance and calorie calculators haven’t been too accurate or consistent. If you flip back through the previous 9 days of the challenge, you can see some of the stat-by-stat comparisons of the Fit Smart and a few treadmills and my Garmin watch to see what I mean.

After my run, I enjoyed some yummy Dim Sum for the first time in literally years! Until today, I hadn’t enjoyed this Chinatown staple since living in Boston, MA (almost 3 yrs ago, now!).  Once Dim Sum was digested, I stopped my our apartment gym to get in a strength training session. I tried recording that with Fit Smart, but had the same issues – it just won’t sync to the MiCoach app to save or share my workout 🙁

How was your day ten? Share your workout with a comment below: 

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