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12 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 1

day 1 fitness challenge

UPDATE: The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge for 2015-2016 has come to an end.  Get your copy of the full 12 Days of Fitness Workout Video HERE.

Happy 1st Day of Fitness!

Certified Personal Trainer, Amanda Lawrence, is here to kick off this year’s annual 12 Days of Fitness Challenge by bringing you your first 12 Days of Fitness Gift.

What is the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge?

It’s pretty much the best fitness challenge ever!

You can get all the 411 HERE, but basically it’s our challenge to you to keep moving over the holidays.

To participate in the challenge you’ll only (er…”only” this can be tough over the holidays, but we know you can do it!) need to complete a minimum of 10 mins of cardio every day for the next 12 Days.

If you report your participation on social media and tag us, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free 1-on-1 online personal training session with one of our 12 Days of Fitness Challenge trainers.

What’s with the 12 Fitness Gifts?

In addition to daring you to complete 10 mins of cardio every day for 12 days, we’re also gifting you 12 different fitness moves that will be shared on the blog each day during the challenge.

We’re sharing these moves to help you mix up your routine AND to prepare you for Day 13 when we’ll share the 12 Days of Fitness Workout that is made up of the 12 Fitness Gifts. 

Ready to accept your first gift?

Unwrap it by watching today’s video:

Now that you’ve unwrapped today’s fitness gift, it’s time to take action!

Make sure you know which version you’ll complete during the 12 Days of Fitness Workout

And don't forget to log your 10 mins of cardio and report it on social media by tagging your post @FitArmadillo and #12DaysofFitness so you get your day 1 participation credit! 

If you participate every day, you'll get the 12 Days of Fitness Workout video for FREE and every post you share is another entry into the drawing for the 1-on-1 online personal training session!

Fitness Challenges are always more fun with friends! Invite yours:​

Join the @FitArmadillo #12DaysofFitness Challenge for a chance to win a 1-on-1 fitness session

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