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Did you see my beach sign?

beach sign

Did you see this sign on the beach today?  I think you might have since you’re here.   You’re pretty observant, huh? Give yourself a little pat on the back for that and read on to learn more about me and how to win something for yourself 😉

You may be wondering what is FitArmadillo.com anyway?  FitArmadillo.com is the online home of my fitness business, Fit Armadillo.  As you might have guessed, I really love my business.  Not only do I get to help my clients start their fitness routines, but since I’m online I get to visit my family more often and get to enjoy working with amazing ladies all over the world.  I teach my clients how to fit exercise into their busy lives, but what I love most about my job is when my clients experience all the fringe benefits of fitness and enjoy many positive life changes as a result.

I have two main ways of sharing my passion for fitness.  I offer one-on-one individual personal training sessions over Skype or Google Hangouts and I also run online group programs throughout the year.  My group programs come in two forms as well. I have sessions that I set up in advance, like the Teacher’s Tone Up. However, I also set up custom group programs to work with friends who are too busy or far away to meet in person for their fitness, but still want each others’ support in reaching their goals.  These programs are popular with my newly engaged clients who want a way to tone up with their bridesmaids before their big day.  Above all, I love helping my clients see that fitness can be fun and that you don’t need a gym to get results!

About that prize….

If you saw this sign today or know where it is, leave me a comment to show me how smart you are.  I’m going to run a Beginner’s Fitness Retreat in this location so if you love it as much as I do and want to be among the first to get in on the fun, sign up for the retreat e-mail list HERE.

Why should you report how observant you were? Because if you do, I’ll enter your name into a pool to win a free one week custom nutrition plan.  Pretty sweet, right? Learn more about the plans HERE so you can see how cool they really are and then make sure that I can find you by using your real e-mail in the comment you leave below (or e-mail me at Catherine.Basu@FitArmadillo.com).

Hope you had a wonderful day at the beach and to see you around FitArmadillo.com.  Stay observant 😉





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Hello! I'm the founder of Fit Armadillo® and I'm so glad you're here. If you've been looking for a way to start your healthy lifestyle, but you don’t want to join a gym or spend thousands of dollars on supplements and fad products, you’ve come to the right place. On the blog we share fitness tips and healthy recipes to get you started. For more 1-on-1 help head here to get matched with an awesome certified fitness professional. Looking for motivation to start or stick to your routine? Check out my *bestselling* book HERE

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