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Meet Personal Trainer Lisa

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Meet Certified Personal Trainer Lisa

Certified Personal Trainer, Lisa Patten is our Personal Trainer of the Month for January! To kick off the celebration, I invite you to officially meet her by checking our her Meet the Trainer video below:

Ready to make 2017 the year you finally reach your fitness goals?

Before you start pounding the pavement looking at those crowded gyms, consider a better solution-online personal training sessions.  

Certified Personal Trainer Lisa is the newest Fit Armadillo trainer and she's ready to give you the best online workout around.

Why is it the best?

Well, instead of enjoying her sessions through a pre-recorded session, each home workout routine you'll enjoy with Lisa will actually be with Lisa.  You'll meet her via live video chat so she can show you how to complete each exercise that's been carefully created with your goals in mind.  If you're not performing the exercise correctly, Lisa will be right there to help you get back on track!

I hope you enjoy getting to know Lisa better by watching her Meet the Trainer video!

Meet Certified Personal Trainer Lisa Patten:

Now that you've met Lisa, it's time to take action!

First, be sure to leave a comment to welcome Lisa and ask her any questions you might have.

Next, if​ you're ready to enjoy yourself, have fun working out, and look forward to your sessions now's the time to sign up for an online personal training session with Lisa.

Now-2/2/2017, 60 min sessions with Lisa are $20 off and 30 min sessions are $10 off the normal price!

Book an Online Personal Training Session with Lisa today:

Leave a welcome note or question for Lisa below: 

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