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Four Secrets the Fitness Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know (we just couldn’t help ourselves….please DON’T read this!)

Yesterday, Women’s Health magazine announced the winner of its “Next Fitness Star” contest.  After interviewing thousands of contestants nationwide, the mag announced 40 yr-old wicked ab sculptor and mom of two, Stacie Clark, as the winner. We can’t wait to see Stacie as a fitness video vixen!

To be honest, we didn’t even know about this contest until flipping through the morning news while typing our What’s for Dinner? Wednesday post. However, when we heard that 5 fitness professionals were going to compete based on their INNOVATIVE moves we HAD to watch.

Here are the moves that were shared:

1.) Sumo Squat with Rotation
2.) Lunge with Squat
3.) High Kick and Punch
4.) Plie Squat with Side Bend
5.) Modified V-Ups

Have you never seen these before?  If you’ve ever taken a strength training class or worked with a personal trainer (shout-out to our clients-we heart you!) you may be scratching your head like we were after waiting through the commercial break to tune in because:

a.) You’ve likely seen ALL of these moves before. 
b.) Even if you haven’t seen these moves, you can’t help but notice that THREE of the FIVE include that five-letter word: SQUAT!

What’s going on?!  These moves are obviously not innovative! As certified personal trainers, we couldn’t be happier and really shouldn’t have been so surprised after that commercial break. That’s because after watching many similar contests, viewing hundreds of workout videos, and attending many fitness trainings, we know the following secrets of the fitness industry to be true.  We feel a little guilty sharing these, but then again, we never were good at keeping secrets. Especially, if we thought they could benefit our friends. (Sure, telling Jenny* that Sam* had a crush on her back in middle school didn’t end up in them getting married or even dating, but that’s another story and middle school is, like, so weird!*names changed to protect the innocent)

***Before Jillian Michaels orders us to take this down or we have a change of heart, please commit the following to memory****

Four Secrets the Fitness Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know :

(Guide Yourself to Fitness without Buying That New DVD or Workout Toy!)

Secret ONE: 99.234% (give or take 0.5 percent) of ALL successful fitness routines (classes, training sessions, workout videos) include SQUATS.

Muscle tissue burns more calories at rest than fat. To lose weight and tone up you NEED to work large muscle groups. Squats work your leg muscles which, it’s hard not to notice, take up a substantial percentage of your overall muscle mass.  Learn to love to hate this move!

Secret TWO:  Functional fitness moves are key to efficient and effective workouts.

Functional training gets you out of that stationary weight machine and moving as you would in everyday life: dynamically.  The fact that all of the moves from the contestants really involve TWO moves (note the “WITH “or “AND” in the first four moves) demonstrates this point.  Keep moving and switching between moves to add cardio to your strength training routine and involve your core (read: abs and back) at every turn. That’s how these ladies, including the winner (did we mention she’s a 40 yr old MOM of TWO?), got their bods!

Secret THREE:  Proper form and safety are key (so maybe don’t fire that trainer or stop going to class just yet…) One of the reasons we HAD to see what exactly these crazy innovative moves were: we were worried about fitness fans trying something unsafe.  There are only a few basic fitness moves.  The way you combine moves, change the weight used, or alter the number of repetitions will make them innovative for YOUR body and help you continue to see RESULTS.  However, the basic moves will never really change. Yea, all those crazy infomercials with videos and wild products are based on the same thing! Once you learn the proper form for the basic fitness moves from a professional, you’ll be good to go on your own.

Secret FOUR: Move to Lose!

Every day we see another crazy fitness tool or “gotta have it” fitness video.  If the instructor or color of the tool will FINALLY motivate you to start moving, by all means buy it But do know that just MOVING and getting started is all you really need to start losing weight.  Buying the product won’t impact the number on the scale.  YOU have to decide to make that first move. 
And there you have them: four secrets of the fitness industry that you can use wisely to jump-start your routine….SHhhhhhh…..!
If you know someone else who shouldn’t read this, feel free to share it!  Have a comment or question? We’d love to hear from you-post below or send us an e-mail. 
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