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Garmin vs. Adidas on Day 4

day 4 12 days of fitnessGarmin vs. Adidas on Day 4

It’s the 4th Day of The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge! Just tuning in? Learn more about the challenge and how to join HERE.  As long as you start today and share your workouts everyday for 12 days in a row, you can get a special bonus I’m sharing with all the participants. Go ahead, I dare you to join 😉

My Day 4 Workout

Today was a tough day to get motivated!  It was rainy and cold out (Houston, TX cold at least…Garmin said that even though it was 41 degrees it felt like 36 degrees), which to this Connecticut girl is worse than just cold or cold and snowy. I put on my workout gear and kept talking about going for my run for about an hour before I finally went. It’s amazing how interesting cleaning can be when you don’t want to go out in the cold!

I settled on another run today so tomorrow I’ll get back into my strength training routine.  My goal for the run was to do negative splits.  If you’re a non-runner, this means running each mile (or segment of your choosing) faster than the last. When I don’t run with a watch, this is a BIG challenge for me. Since I was running with not one, but two watches, I figured it was a good goal to have.

The two watches I ran with today were my Garmin Forerunner 310XT and Adidas Fit Smart.  According to the Garmin, I reached my goal! Here is a view of my mile splits from Garmin Connect:

splits day 4

Unfortunately, today was another bad day for the Adidas Fit Smart.  It had me running slower than the Garmin, because it was calculating my mileage all wrong. At mile one on my Garmin, I had only gone 0.97 miles according to the Adidas Fit Smart. When I hit mile two, the Fit Smart said I had run 1.88 miles. At the next mile? Fit Smart wasn’t much of a genius either calculating my mileage as 2.70 miles when I had actually run three miles.  Finally, by the end of my 4 mile run it gave a 3.88 mile reading.  As you can see from the comparison below, I also had trouble getting the watch to stop at the end of the run (took me about 30 secs with my cold fingers!).

Garmin vs. Adidas

garmin vs adidas

In Garmin vs. Adidas take 3, Garmin wins for distance accuracy yet again!


I think I’ll test out my Fit Smart on the treadmill one more time before saying adios.  It’s just not worth the cost for the inaccurate distance calculation!

What was your Day 4 workout? Share it in the comments along with your blog url if you’re a blogger:



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