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How to Prepare for Your Turkey Trot

turkey trot

Turkey Day is less than 24hrs away!

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the most popular day to run a road race?

It's true! If you plan on running a turkey trot tomorrow, here are a few last minute tips to ensure you have a successful race: 

Turkey Trot Eve: Fuel Your Race

Even though most turkey trots are 5 miles long or less, it is still important to think about what you're eating the day before your race.

What should you eat?

NOT fatty foods or foods that are high in fiber.  Fatty foods should be avoided, because they take the body longer to digest.

Foods that are high in fiber such as whole grains, legumes, and fruits might be important and recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle on most days, eating high fiber foods the day before your race could upset your stomach on race day.

Instead choose refined carbohydrates for pre-race day meals. Think regular versus whole wheat pasta.

Get Ready...

Gather all of your race day supplies so you are ready to go in the morning. Lay out all of your clothes, a dry shirt you can wear after the race, water, and your race bib and safety pins, if you have them.  

If it will be cold on turkey day in your town, be sure to find gloves and a hat or headband for your ears. 

Pro Tip: Old socks work well as “mittens” you can easily toss if you find you don’t need them half-way through your run.

If you have a race packet, you may want to review the route.

Knowing where bathroom and water stops are located ahead of time will help you during the race. You’ll also get an idea of other landmarks and whether or not your race will have each mile posted for you.

And unless you plan on using your road race as a way to "accidentally" run away from your family, the race map can help you find a meeting spot post race.

Sweet Dreams

Twas the night before race day and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. You’re going to fall right asleep right away, right? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Try to relax. Hopefully you got enough sleep the previous few days.

The sleep you get the night before won’t make or break your race day results.

turkey day

The Day of the Turkey Trot

Eat something light at least two hours before your race. Again, stick to low fiber and fat foods, but don't try something you haven't eaten before a run in the past.

Race day is not the time to try some new food. At least not before your race. Save your bravery for your Thanksgiving meal.

​Have Fun!

Laugh at or join people dressed up like turkeys

High five your fans and burn some calories before your turkey dinner with a smile. Most races are big events so you are not likely to post a PR (personal record).

If it's your first race, your goal should be to finish. Try to inspire some of your cheerleaders this year to join you at the start line next Turkey Day!

THIS post from our trainer, Krista, offers some great tips on how to get started with a running routine.

And if you want to be sure you can beat your cheerleader turn runner? You'll love trainer Megan's easy home strength training exercises for runners HERE.


water hydrate after turkey trot

Get into some dry clothes so you feel comfortable on the ride home. Make sure you drink water to rehydrate before indulging in any holiday beverages.

Are you running a Turkey Trot this year? What do you think of this holiday tradition? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below:


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