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Project Repat T-Shirt Quilts for Your Running Memories

project repat quilt running shirt quilt

When I moved to Hermosa Beach, CA from Houston, TX earlier this year, I went on a hardcore decluttering mission. 

You know how they say everything's bigger in Texas?

Well, that's DEFINITELY true when it comes to closets - at least if you're trying to avoid doubling your housing budget.  I'd yet to win the lottery (or even play since one day in 2012 that I SWORE I knew the winning powerball numbers and then lost all belief in my psychic abilities the next day...) sooo all the housing options in my budget had at least half the closet space as my Texas abode! I had to get serious and scale back on my possessions in preparation for the move.

One place I really struggled to declutter was my running shirt drawer.

I've been running since 1996 and I still have about 90% of the t-shirts I ran in back then. And while I might proudly run like a girl, I sweat more like a guy. Needless to say some of those shirts I rarely wear outside of the house anymore. But, I couldn't get rid of them! Many of those hard-earned road race t-shirts were awarded before Facebook was around. I couldn't ditch them and risk losing those precious memories!

Run #LikeAGirl, but sweat like a guy? @ProjectRepat lets you show off your fave race day memories without sweat stain shame 😉 More:

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Enter Project Repat: The perfect solution to this runner's problem!

Project Repat takes your old running t-shirts or those that don't fit right (those of you who are petite like me and often miss the boat on the XS sizes on race day know what I'm talking about!) and makes them into a t-shirt quilt.

You get to keep all those running memories while decluttering your t-shirt drawer.

Keep your #running memories AND #declutter with @ProjectRepat! The perfect solution to your #RunnerProblems:

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And let's be honest-when your running shirts are shoved in a drawer you only see them when you go on a serious laundry boycott. A comfy quilt you can curl up with offers them a much better life.

t-shirt quilt t-shirt blanket

Saving the world one workout at a time in my Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt turned cape

Another perk? Not that you're planning on getting injured, but if it happens and you're like me, always cold, I bet you'll agree that one of the worst parts of dealing with an injury is having to ice. When I sprained my ankle last month, I knew I had to ice to help it heal, but it was a real struggle. In one of my tougher moments I was icing while shivering on the couch, feeling super frustrated, worthless, (maybe crying??? I'm kind of a baby when I can't run!) and down on myself for my misstep. I didn't have my Project Repat quilt yet but if I had? I could have defrosted while reminiscing about all the good running times I've had and reminded myself that this too shall pass - I'd overcome injuries before! 

Yes, these are silly reasons I love Project Repat, but they are my truth! If you're a runner, I bet you can relate (right???). 

However, I also have some more serious reasons why I found Project Repat to be seriously cool 😉 

5 Reasons I Love Project Repat for T-Shirt Quilts:

1. They are made in the United States

The "repat" in Project Repat stands for repatriated, meaning returned to the country of origin. At a time when thousands of textile jobs have gone overseas, Project Repat is on a mission to bring these jobs back to the United States. It does this by working with two cut and sew companies, Precision Sportswear in Fall River, MA and Opportunity Thread in Valdese, NC, to make your t-shirts into one-of-a-kind quilts. 

2. They recycle TWICE

When you create a Project Repat t-shirt quilt you get to recycle twice!

project repat t-shirt blanket fleece

A closer look at my Project Repat t-shirt quilt showing some of my panels and the fleece backing

The first way the company helps you practice the 3 R's is obviously by recycling your t-shirts. This might seem like no big deal, but 5% of trash on Earth comes from used textiles and the average American throws out 65 pounds of clothing a year.

The second reason why your Project Repat quilt is good for the environment is that the second side of your quilt will be made with PolarTec fleece. This fabric is made out of recycled plastic bottles to the tune of 23 bottles per yard! 

If you've been feeling guilty about delaying your decision to purchase a reusable water bottle, you can rest a little easier when you put some of those plastic bottles back to use as part of your quilt. 

3. Project Repat's Ordering Process Is SUPER Simple!

The video takes you behind the scenes, but there are just three main steps to follow:

1. Order your quilt (pick the quilt size, panel size, and color).
2. Check your email for t-shirt prep and shipping directions.
3. Get your personalized t-shirt quilt in the mail!

NO sewing required on your part 😉 

Have a pile of #5Krace shirts that you meant to make into a quilt months ago? @ProjectRepat is here to help. Learn more:

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4. They look AWESOME

I had a few shirts that could have been made into larger panels and others that wouldn't "make the cut" (i.e. would have been too small). I decided to go for all small t-shirt panels, but I was a little nervous about the end result.

Luckily, Project Repat didn't disappoint! I LOVE my t-shirt quilt.

Each panel came out clear for me with all the pertinent information intact and I have no regrets. If you are super picky about your t-shirt quilt design, you're in luck-Project Repat does allow you to add detailed notes about your design and they can even help you size up smaller shirts. You just have to pay extra (after my move to Cali, I'm on a little bit of a budget!). 

5. Project Repat quilts make great unique gift ideas​

You can make a Project Repat t-shirt quilt for ANY occasion and Project Repat offers gift cards, making them the perfect unique gift idea and helping you avoid accidentally getting in HUGE trouble for cutting up someone's t-shirt without their permission.

I've seen t-shirt quilts made of concert shirts, college shirts, and more.

I featured them in my Mother's Day gift guide. can even win one!

Head HERE to enter to win your own Project Repat quilt. ​

Now that you've seen my Project Repat quilt, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

Have you made a t-shirt quilt for yourself or as a gift? Did you break out your mad sewing skills or call in some pros? What's on your favorite t-shirt (race day or other)? 

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