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Qualifying for the Boston Marathon with Katherine Wuestenfeld

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Qualifying for the Boston Marathon: Katherine Wuestenfeld's Journey

Did you experience the excitement of Marathon Monday in Boston last week? Today's guest, Katherine Wuestenfeld, shares her journey to qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which she participated in last week. Initially a track and field athlete and cross-country runner in high school, Katherine transitioned to road racing in college. It was then that she started to set her sights on the marathon distance. Learn about her first marathon experience (and why she doesn't recommend completing your first marathon the same way!), some of the marathons she completed along the way to her BQ time, and some of the lessons she's learned along her running journey. Today's episode covers Katherine's journey to her Boston qualifying race at the Berlin Marathon in 2018. Tomorrow, we continue our conversation and Katherine shares her experience running Boston. Feeling inspired by Katherine's story? She's an RRCA Certified Running Coach and coaches with Team Sugar Runs. Learn more about how you can work with her on your goals by visiting the website.

About Katherine Wuestenfeld

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Katherine Wuestenfeld and has been a runner for over 10 years, starting as a high school cross-country and track and field athlete and transitioning to road racing in college. She had been chasing a Boston qualifier for 6 years before finally catching her unicorn at the Berlin Marathon in 2018. After Berlin, Katherine became an RRCA Certified Running Coach and is currently a coach with Team Sugar Runs. Katherine is just coming off of a big PR of 3:20 at her first Boston Marathon and is excited to keep growing as a runner!

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