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Why Running and Running a Business Go Hand in Hand for Ashley Wilhite

Why Running and Running a Business
Go Hand in Hand for Ashley Wilhite

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Running Down a Dream is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists, Tom Petty, and I thought about it a LOT after interviewing today’s guest, Ashley Wilhite.

But, more on that in a minute.

Let me introduce Ashley to you first!

About Ashley Wilhite

ashley wilhiteAshley Wilhite spent over 3,000 hours as a Licensed Professional Counselor before launching her own business, Your Super Awesome Life, and beginning living life on her own terms in 2012. Combining her natural talents with passion and inspiration, Ashley now coaches daring women to hone the confidence and action plan they need do what they love and make their first $10k.

When she’s not celebrating the jaw-dropping progress of her clients, you can find her training for next marathon, eating insane amounts of ice cream, and exploring her hometown of Austin, Texas.

Check out her stories, tips, and inspiration on life, business, and living on your own terms at www.yoursuperawesomelife.com, and grab your copy of her free book by clicking here.

So why did this interview having me humming Running Down a Dream?

Ashley became an entrepreneur around the same time she became a runner. 

Reflecting back on simultaneously taking on both challenging endeavours, Ashley believes that running has played a big part of her success in business.

Even though I’ve been running for a lot longer than my business has been up and running, I’ve also found that a lot of the lessons I’ve learned from pounding the pavement have been important as I run down my business dreams.

The fact that Ashley has found the same to be true and just a few years ago she didn’t even consider herself a runner, makes me SO excited to share her interview.

Tune in and see if Ashley’s endorsement is enough to have you try the sport:

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To check out Ashley’s new eCourse, Cubicle to 10K, go HERE.

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