Global Running Day 2020 – Fit Armadillo

Global Running Day 2020

It’s Global Running Day!

Are you running today? If you’re on the fence, I have a few things to share to get you taking that first step after lacing up your running shoes today.

1. My favorite Global Running Day podcast show episode

The Fit Fifteen podcast show might be on a break now, but one of my favorite episodes of the show was a global celebration of running. Podcast show listeners from around the world called in to share what running means to them. You can find it HERE (the page’s original show notes) on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere by searching for “The Fit Fifteen” and scrolling to episode 84.

Tip: This episode is about 13 minutes long – turn it on, start walking, and then after 3-5 minutes try jogging for as long as you can. Record how you did today for day 1 of your running journey 😉2. More running related podcast episodes

While you can search the podcast show page for many more episodes dedicated to running and featuring running tips and inspirational running stories, THIS previous blog post has a great recap of 15 episodes that are oldies, but goodies!3. Inspirational running books

When I’m not running, I’m likely reading about running or runners! A few of my favorites from the past few years:

1. 26 Marathons by Meb Keflezighi

Meb’s newest book has really helped lift my running spirits during the pandemic and remind me why I run. His story is very inspirational!2. Let Your Mind Run by Deena KastorDeena’s memoir is a must-read even if you aren’t a runner, but will prove invaluable if you’re a runner. Ever since it came out, I’ve reread it before big races and I swear it has helped me run so much better.3. The Inner Runner by Dr.Jason Karp

Dr. Karp’s book is like a love letter to running and can help you understand the runner in your life if you’re not a runner…yet. 4. Run the World by Becky Wade

Becky’s book traveled the world with me last year. While we can’t travel now, it’s a fun way to do a little vicarious traveling and learn some running history.5. The Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff

Another great running book for those with wanderlust! Anna’s adventure across New Zealand is detailed in this inspirational book.

6. Run the Mile You’re In by Ryan Hall

I started reading this the night before my last marathon and even though my mom’s advice at the start line was the same as the title and proved very important during my race, the book has so much more key advice for running and life. I wish I had read it all before toeing the line! Like Deena’s memoir, this book, Ryan Hall’s memoir, has lessons for all of life’s challenges.  His thoughts on different seasons in life are sure to resonate during these current times even if you aren’t a runner.4. Virtual Running Event

I’ve been running around a lot lately and haven’t been able to make a fancy page yet, but…I’d love to challenge you to a Fit Armadillo virtual race.  I still have some sparkly finisher’s medals on hand:

fun run finisher medal magnet

Yes, they DO double as magnets! How cool, right?

I created four virtual 5K race routes you can complete around Newport, RI, where you can pick up your medal locally for no extra charge. If you’re not in or able to visit Rhode Island this summer? You can also create your own 5K route and still join in on the fun.

Just be sure to tell us about your route – I’d love to share out some fun 5K (3.1 mile) spots we can check out locally, nationally, and even globally when we can travel more easily again!The Newport, Rhode Island routes I created can be viewed on Strava and are listed below by location, but…if you like to be a little more fun, you can run them by theme. Ask yourself, what type of armadillo are you? Pick the route that matches that mood and if it’s not one of these and you’re feeling a bit extra? Share your “Extra Armadillo” running route and use the hashtag #ExtraArmadillo when you post it!

1. Bellevue Avenue2. Sunset View Route3. Thames Street Window Shopping Route4. First and Second Beach Route

Finished your run? You can claim your sparkly finisher’s medal by purchasing it below:

Shipping Options:
Virtual Run medal + shipping within US $24.97 USDVirtual Run medal – Newport, RI pick up $19.97 USD

For more info on the virtual fun run (and to get your custom printable bib) you can email: FunRun (at)

Well, I better go get my celebratory run in today! I’m happy and grateful to be able to run this year after having to sit out Global Running Day 2019.How about you? How are you celebrating Global Running Day 2020?

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