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CT Runners’ Hangout’s Scavenger Hunt and More CT Running Fun

Missing your running community? Founder of the CT Runners' Hangout, Michele Ridolfi O'Neill, stops by to share a few of the many ways she's keeping Connecticut runners connected from a safe social distance. Learn more about the Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt she's hosting now - April 5th. Even if you're not in CT, I hope it inspires you to get moving and give back to your local community. However, her commitment to the Connecticut runners doesn't even there! In addition to the scavenger hunt, Michele is hosting a Spirit Week, has plans for an online game night, and a few more she hasn't posted yet. Each is sure to make you smile (or laugh...maybe don't visit the CT Runners' Hangout Facebook group while you're on a serious podcast call!). Not a Connecticut runner, but hope to visit The Constitution State to complete a road race one day? You'll also enjoy Michele's tips on some of her favorite local races. During our conversation, I learned that she's just one race away from completing a challenge to race in all 169 Connecticut towns. Running social butterflies will also enjoy a breakdown of additional groups around the state that you can join virtually before we're able to run together again. 

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Find the CT Runners' Hangout Group HERE

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Road Races Mentioned

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  • Ragged Cuts for custom awards and plaques handmade and designed in Connecticut
  • Episode 224: Running expert Dr. Jason Karp on how to adjust your training plan for the September 2020 Boston Marathon date

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