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Why Your Tabata Workout Is Not the Real Deal (And What to Do About It!)

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Is my face in that screenshot priceless or what? I’m no actress, but I’m feigning concern over the fact that your Tabata workout is not the real deal.  Of course, I don’t want to give all the details away, but I’m 99.9% certain that even if you live in Japan (that will make more sense in a minute) your Tabata workout is not legit.  Before you go skipping boot camp class next week let me tell you that this is one time when your workout not being what it appears to be is probably OK.

Haven’t heard of Tabata yet? Tabata is a specific type of HIIT workout.  Have I lost you again? You can learn all about HIIT workouts by watching last week’s Tighten + Tone Tuesday video through this link here>>

Now I know if you are a Tabata workout fiend, you’re likely very concerned about my statement even though I admitted that I’m feigning concern in that pic above.  So let’s get to your video:

Feel better about your Tabata workout? I hope so! If you’re a science geek like me and want to go check out the details on the ACE fitness study on Tabata that I mentioned in the video, you can get to it by clicking HERE>>

Now that you’ve watched this video I want you to take action now! Leave me a comment telling me what you learned and what you’re going to do about it (and what you think of the ACE study!):

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