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Tighten + Tone Tuesday

Happy Tighten + Tone Tuesday! This Tuesday we’re breaking out our resistance band again to show you how to work your biceps with this handy fitness tool.  Learn this exercise and no matter where you travel, you can work your biceps without maxing out the weight of your luggage!  Here are your steps:

Step One: Find a resistance band and step on it with both feet.  Position the band so that it is secured under the middle of both feet. Position your feet so that they are below your shoulders.  Slightly bend your knees and hold the handles of your band.  Make sure that the band height is the same on both sides of your body.   Tighten your abs and core muscles to help support your body.

Step Two: Time to curl! With your palms facing away from your body and arms next to your sides, contract your biceps as you lift the band handles up to your shoulders on an exhale.  Make sure that the upper half of your arms do not move away from your sides during this move.

Step Three: Return to start.  Inhale and slowly lower your hands back to start.  If you felt yourself rocking or if this was too easy, adjust the amount of slack in the band between your feet.  If your band is not very tight, feel free to add a loop around your feet before trying again. 

Repeat the exercise with control for 10-15 times and then perform your favorite triceps exercise for 10-15 times before trying at least one more set of biceps curls.

Here is a visual:

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Did you try this exercise? What do you think? Do you enjoy using resistance bands or do you prefer dumbbells? Share your thoughts with us in the space below: 

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