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Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge: Day Six

It’s the Sixth Day of the Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge and that means we’ve reached the halfway point! If you’re just joining this challenge, heres some info on what it’s all about.  I’m a certified personal trainer who believes that starting a fitness resolution before January 1st is the way to make it last.  Staying on track between December 25th and January 1st, puts you way ahead of the crowd lining up at gyms all over the world on New Year’s Day and gives you confidence. Think about it-if you can make it through the holidays mindful of your health and logging extra steps, you can make it through anything!  Since this is the first holiday season that I have my own blog, I couldn’t resist bringing a fitness challenge to  this social format and so it began.  To learn more about the challenge, request to join our Facebook group HERE>> or read my initial post outlining the details for the members HERE>>

My Day Six Workout:

I’m still recovering from an ankle sprain, so the fact that I left my newest fitness tool, the Garmin Forerunner 310XT in Texas over the holidays was probably a blessing in disguise.  While I always wanted to know just how long some of my favorite running trails in Connecticut are, it wouldn’t have been the best idea.  

Now that I’m back in Houston, TX and back to my Garmin, I was able to log a 3 mile run with my fancy machine.  Here all all of the stats it shared:

The map of my run with mile markers (I could have done a map view as well, but this satellite view seemed more fun):

My pace:

My elevation:

Definitely NOT in Connecticut anymore! Super flat herein Houston, TX!

My heart rate:

My mile splits:

And even the weather at the time of my run:

There’s not much more to say except that I freaking love this Garmin Forerunner watch! I can’t wait to use it to help some of my clients train for 5Ks in 2014!

Do you have a favorite fitness tool? What was your workout today? Share your thoughts with a comment below:

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