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Twelve Days of Fitness Blog Challenge: Day Twelve

Today is Day Twelve of the Twelve Days of fitness Blog Challenge! That means it’s the last day.  I’m a personal trainer who created the challenge to get fellow bloggers moving during the busy holiday season and let me tell you, these bloggers did and AWESOME job!  Read about their journeys at the bottom of each of my blog posts from the last twelve days:

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Would you have enjoyed this challenge? I’m keeping the Facebook group I created for the bloggers open through January 17th and you’re more than welcome to join and post your workouts.  The link to join is HERE>>

Wondering how I finished the challenge? Here’s my workout:

This morning I got in a quick 3 mile run and Yoga class (I definitely enjoyed taking my share of fitness classes during the challenge before going back to teaching myself for 2014!) It was absolutely gorgeous out this morning and I feel very lucky to be in Houston, TX where I’m able to run without dealing with icy conditions like my friends and family in New England do!

After class, a new personal training client consult (woo hoo!), and a quick lunch, I set up the Twelve Days of Fitness Challenge Live Workout.  I had La’Shandra join in on the fun and we both definitely worked up a sweat.  With all the busyness of the AM I forgot to throw on my heart rate monitor, but I know we did a great job!

Google Hangouts was able to connect us even though I am in Texas and she is in Virginia!  Her son, Jacob, also joined in on the fun! I love when moms are able to involve their kids in healthy habits and Jacob is the cutest and most handsome almost 3 yr old I’ve even seen 🙂
Thanks again to everyone who completed this blog challenge!  I wish you the best as you continue to work towards your fitness goals in 2014 and will definitely be checking in on your blogs to see how you’re doing.  
This week at Fit Armadillo is a busy one with personal training consults in Houston and online.  If you are interested in learning more about working with me, visit my website by clicking HERE>>
The first online group fitness program of 2014 will start Monday January 20th. Learn more HERE>>
Online personal training starts after our initial consultation! I’d be happy to set you up so you can get in shape without having to fight someone for a treadmill this year.  Just send me an e-mail through the “Contact” button on the bottom right of this page.
Wish you a healthy, happy 2014 from Fit Armadillo!
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