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1 Habit for Women Action Takers Book Excerpt

1 Habit for Women Action Takers Book Excerpt

Take a walk break with your podcast host, Catherine Turley, as she reads an excerpt from new book: 1 Habit for Women Action Takers: Life Changing Habits from the Happiest Achieving Women on the Planet. She shares the habit she thinks will help you take more action as well as one bad habit she encourages you to avoid.

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About the book: Whether Good or Bad, Habits Shape Who We Are. The cool thing, though, is we can instill in ourselves good Habits. Even better, we can change bad habits (aka unHabits) into good Habits. In this book, you will find stories from women action takers who are on a mission to make a significant impact on this planet by sharing their Habits and unHabits to help you place one foot in front of the other when you need it most. No matter how much you wish, hope, pray, desire, want, or manifest, nothing happens without action. You can see an opportunity staring you in the face, but if your Habit is to ignore that opportunity and turn the other way, that opportunity is lost forever. Co-Author, Lynda Sunshine West joined 1 Habit Creator, Steven Samblis to bring you 1 Habit for Women Action Takers. Even if you were to take only 1 of the Habits in this book and implement it in your life starting right now, this very moment, your life will change forever. 1 Habit will challenge you to take an action step into the unknown. If you have a desire to be more, but don't know where to start, this is the book for you. 1 Habit For Women Action Takers offers small impactful steps that will help you create the life you have always dreamed of.

About Catherine Turley

Catherine Basu

Catherine Turley, M.Ed is the CEO of Fit Armadillo®, Bestselling author of Superwomen Secrets Revealed: Successful Women Talk About Fitting in Fitness and Dare You to Join Them, and host of the featured podcast, The Fit Fifteen. Although she's been an ACE-Certified personal trainer for over a decade, she grew up dreaming of ways to get out of gym class. Her years of toiling in the gym have made her a passionate ally of those who want to get in shape but feel uncomfortable in the gym environment. Ultimately, it led to the creation of her company, Fit Armadillo®, whose mission is to help busy individuals find fitness they can enjoy at their own place and pace. Armed with her B.S. Degree in Biology from The College of William and Mary, Catherine enjoys debunking fitness and nutrition myths to help her clients achieve lasting results and uncover the many benefits of an active lifestyle. Catherine has been quoted for her expertise in WebMD magazine, on SparkPeople.com, LiveStrong.com, EmpowHER, Fitbie, and WorldLifestyle, and writes as a blogger for the Huffington Post and Thrive Global. Catherine has zero tolerance for diets, supplements, and detoxes (and not just because she’s a huge fan of gluten-full bread!), but lots of love for those new to fitness. An avid runner and Boston Marathon qualifier, she has competed in races from the 1500m to the full marathon, and loves helping others start a running routine. While no longer a classroom teacher, Catherine enjoys using her Master’s in Education from The University of Connecticut to promote literacy as a volunteer tutor in local schools. She's also passionate about sharing fitness with the next generation and enjoys coaching and fundraising for the nonprofit, Girls on the Run.

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