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Sleep: Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health & Feel Better Now with Author Gillian Duncan

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Sleep: Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health and Feel Better Now with Author Gillian Duncan

Did you get enough sleep last night? Today's guest, Gillian Duncan, author of Sleep: Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health and Feel Better Now, is here to help you say, "yes!" the next time you answer that question. During our conversation, we talk about why sleep is important, whether or not you really need 7 hours of sleep each night, and some of the health issues that can arise if you don't get enough sleep. For those of you with weight loss goals, it is absolutely true that sleeplessness affects your weight. Listen to learn why this happens so you're inspired to focus on the number of hours of sleep you are getting to impact the number you're seeing on the scale. Gillian has many great tips and resources in her newly published book as well as on her website that can help you improve your quality of sleep. We talk about a few, but be sure to visit her website for more support. 

About Gillian Duncan

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Gillian is author and editor at Clarity Junction, a website that focuses on finding a clearer path forward for women when they come to a natural crossroad in life. She is a graduate in Biomedical Sciences, with a career background in Neuroscience and Psychology. Gillian is also a qualified NLP Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher and brings all this knowledge, along with a wealth of life-experience, to her writing.
When she is not writing or coaching, Gillian can be found playing her violin or piano, and studying for her next music exam along with her 2 teenage sons. Gillian also loves dogs, guinea pigs, Dr Who and the Avengers movies.

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