Ep 150: 150th Episode Celebration & Top 5 Episode Countdown – Fit Armadillo

Ep 150: 150th Episode Celebration & Top 5 Episode Countdown

150 podcast show episode

150th Episode Celebration & Top 5 Episode Countdown

Celebrate 150 episodes of The Fit Fifteen podcast show and make sure you haven't missed the top 5 most downloaded episodes this season. This episode will be the last of 2018, but I invite you to follow Fit Armadillo for a fun December fitness challenge that will start on Monday, December 10th so to keep your fitness motivation during the holidays. To share podcast guest and topic requests be sure to email the show: Podcast@FitArmadillo.com.  Help keep the show ad free in 2019 by becoming a supporter HERE.  Any amount is greatly appreciated, but the 1st five to pledge $25 will get a signed hardback copy of my book, Superwomen Secrets Revealed.

Top 5 Episodes:

#5: Ep 109: How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones During Menopause

#4 : Ep 137: Run It Off's Vanessa Shares her Running Journey

#3:  Ep 132: Running Tips from Winner of the 2018 Ventura Half Marathon Cheyne                       Inman

#2:  Ep 111: Losing Weight after 40 with We Only Look Thin's Donald and Catherine

#1:  Ep 135: BarkerRipley's Houston Turkey Trot

Deals from Fit Armadillo:

1.  FREE copy of my book HERE Nov. 26 and Nov. 27 2018. Signed copies available HERE and 1st 5 to pledge $25 or more in support of the podcast!

2. Want help with your running? Podcast host and personal trainer, Catherine Basu, will be offering more running coaching programs in 2019. Get on the email list for updates HERE.

3. Check out bundles of fitness products and our private online personal training and yoga sessions HERE.

4. The Drop 2 Sizes Fitness Challenge will be coming back this January. Save your spot (space is limited to ten) HERE for $200 off when you register by Nov. 30th. 

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